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USP Labs Jack3d Micro

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Size: 146g Average Servings: 40
Key Benefits
  • The Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement
  • Allow you to train like never before
  • Available in delicious fruit punch flavour
  • Formulated by the same brand as the original Jack3d
  • Contains L-Citrulline and Arginine Nitrate
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USP Labs Jack3d Micro Description

When it comes to discussing pre-workout supplements, you won’t be able to talk for too long without discussing the brand USP Labs. This brand and world wide supplier of health and fitness supplements made a name for themselves and a real impact within the industry off of the back of their franchise and hugely popular pre-workout supplement Jack3d.

For those of you that were a fan of the original Jack3d, you’ll be happy to know that USP Labs are back with a new and improved formula known as Jack3d Micro. Once again they are ready to take the health and fitness industry and pre-workout market by storm. USP Labs have kept the foundation from the original formula that made the product massively successful and built upon the areas that required further improvement.

The end result is a newly revamped formula which will have you buzzing in the gym like never before. Your previous personal bests will become a thing of the past and those awkward plateaus which you struggled to overcome will be old news.

The new technology and ingredients behind Jack3d aims to bring about a maximal effect with minimal dosing. There is a strong belief from the USP Labs HQ that compound design and intervention is the way forward in this massively subscribed market. Less is sometimes more and this new formula seriously packs a powerful punch!

Key Ingredients

So what ingredients are within this new pre-workout sensation? For starters there is L-Citrulline. This compound can be considered an amino acid and has the ability to enhance performance whilst reducing fatigue levels. It also serves to enhance Arginine levels which impacts upon the availability of Nitric Oxide formation and delivery. From a pre-workout point of view, this is all good news for you, the performer.

Next on the list is Agmatine Sulfate. This can be considered the next big thing in workout ingredients with many similar companies and brands playing catch up and attempting to add this to their existing formulas. This ingredient is included with precise amounts to allow you to destroy your gym sessions like never before.

As previously mentioned, also thrown into the mix is Arginine Nitrate. This ingredient has been shown to support and further enhance Nitric Oxide production. Ultimately this allows for a greater pump effect in the gym and can hugely enhance your ability to develop. Several mechanisms have been forwarded to how this brings about its resultant effect but the overall end result is higher Nitric Oxide levels within the active muscle.

Additional ingredients include grape seed extract, 3,4-dihydroxycinnamic acid, norcoclaurine, caffeine and vitamin C. You can rest assured that if it has made the ingredients list then it is there to serve a definite purpose.

This pre-workout is truly unbelievable. When you think that the original formula was one of, if not, the best products already on the market and this new formula represents a more complete supplement, then that really does spell bad news for its competitors.

Once again, USP Labs have set themselves apart from their competitors and continue to path the way. If you’re looking for a pre-workout supplement that does it all and more then look no further.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (3.65g):
Vitamin C: 50 mg
eNOS Super Performance System: 2247 mg
Arginine Nitrate
Agmatine Sulfate
Grape Seed Extract
CNS Contractile Stimulant System: 182 mg
Norcoclaurine HCl
3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic Acid

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

For optimal use, mix 1-2 micro scoops of Jack3d Micro with 100-120ml of water per scoop and consume 30 - 45 minutes prior to workout.

Do not exceed 2 scoops in any 24 hour period.

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