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USN Body Makeover Starter Pack

1.0 out of 5.0
Size: Average Servings: 14 days
Key Benefits
  • Everything You Need To Get Started
  • Provides you with an introduction to supplements
  • Everything you need and require in a simple kit
  • Includes dietary protein and dessert protein
  • Ability to enhance your physique and performance levels
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USN Body Makeover Starter Pack Description

USN Body Makeover Starter Pack, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

USN as a company and a brand like to do things a little differently. They are considered one of the elite and a leader of the pack, as opposed to a follower. With their recent Body Makeover Starter Pack, it’s easy to see where this reputation has been founded upon.

Whilst other companies like to keep it simple, releasing the bog standard supplements and blending into the background with everyone else, USN and their team of experts have opted for an alternative strategy. Each and every supplement they release oozes individuality and innovative design like you’ve never seen before.

The Body Makeover Starter Pack is just one example of this. As the name aptly suggests, this supplement bundle is all about providing you with everything you need and more to make an easy transition into the world of health and fitness. It’s also a great way of introducing you to just a handful of the incredible supplements on offer with this nutrition powerhouse.

Supplements Included Within

So what’s included within the bundle pack? For starters you receive a full and comprehensive guide, including plans for training, motivation and your dietary needs. This will provide you with lots of useful information and really kick start your fitness drive. Next up is the entry pack and alongside this a USN tornado shaker, to mix all your delicious protein shakes and other healthy snacks and a measuring tape to allow you to strictly monitor progressions along the way.

Also included within the bundle are the supplements themselves; for starters you are provided with pure CLA 1000 and xedra cut capsimax, both of which can be considered as fat loss tablets in essence. Alongside a healthy diet and thorough training regime, these combined supplements have the ability to completely transform your physique.

If all this simply wasn’t enough, then USN has also chosen to throw in a healthy serving of diet fuel ultralean in a delicious strawberry flavour and a chocolate brownie flavoured protein dessert powder. These really do taste sensational and will take care of all of your protein requirements. Laying down lean muscle mass and recovering from intense exercise bouts has never been so easy.

The supplements on offer within this incredible pack will provide you with the additional nutrition you require for approximately 2 weeks. During this period you can familiarise yourself with these items and make the necessary changes with your next purchase. Fear not either, each supplement comes fully packaged and will explain exactly how much to consume and the optimal times to consume it. Nothing has been left to chance with this recent invention.

The USN Body Makeover Start Pack as with all supplements won’t be for everyone. It is aimed and most suited towards those starting out on their fitness journey and experimenting with supplements for the very first time. Why waste time and effort initially putting together your very own bundle and buying various separate supplements when you can achieve all that and more with this straight forward yet highly effective bundle.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving
Please see individual products for nutritional profiles.

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

Please see individual products for directions of use.

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