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Universal Animal Rage

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Size: 44 Paks Average Servings: 44
Key Benefits
  • Unleash The Beast!
  • The ultimate pre-workout formula
  • Energy, focus, intensity, insanity
  • Available in both powder and capsule form to suit you
  • Take your workouts to a new level
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Universal Animal Rage Description

Here at FitnessBeans we always advocate looking past the flash advertising and gimmicky packaging to see what actual ingredients are offered within any given supplement. However, when a supplement can offer both, there’s no harm in admiring the product as a whole and everything it brings to the table.

This is exactly what Universal Animal Rage does; not only does it look amazing but it is amazing! From it eye catching red and black image to the bold written words containing the supplement itself; this really does have it all. Just by looking at it will get you pumped! It really is that good!

With the words ‘energy, focus, intensity and insanity’ Universal Animal Rage really does deliver. This pre-workout phenomenon has the ability to turn your training session into something unthinkable. If you’re looking for energy, focus, performance and endurance in a single supplement then look no further.

What’s more, this supplement manages to offer this knockout punch without adding any unnecessary sugars or fillers found in other, cheaper products.

So what makes this pre-workout supplement so incredible? Universal Animal Rage includes a combination of ingredients which you simply won’t find anywhere else. Not only that but they are included with extreme precision to ensure optimal performances follow.

The endurance and performance complex includes favourites such as Beta Alanine and L-Taurine within its complex blend. These help to reduce the effects of lactic acid and prevent fatigue through the buffering of hydrogen ions. You will feel like you can go forever. Fatigue will become a thing of the past with this supplement.

Next up is the focus and intensity complex which includes key ingredients L-Tyrosine and Beta-Phenylethylamine. These ingredients will ensure that your focus becomes flawless and you train with only one thing in mind; to lift more and more with each and every set that passes.

This effect is assisted through the sustained energy complex which ensures that your training doesn’t fade off half way through. With ingredients such as Schizandra Berry and Panax Ginseng you will be able to give it your all from start to finish. Plateaus and dips in performance will be destroyed within an instance!

Finally the inclusion of the quick energy complex will ensure that your training gets off to a flying start. Many supplements struggle to get going and result in them only taking effect after your training finishes! This is simply not the case with Universal Animal Rage and key ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous and Coffee Bean Extract will ensure synchronisation of the supplement with your first exercise.

Universal Animal Rage has been turning heads since day one and will continue to be considered one of the best pre-workout supplements available on today’s market. If you’re looking to take your training to the next level and discover what optimal performance is all about, then this supplement should feature in your gym bag.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (1 Capsule):
Niacin: 30mg
Vitamin B12: 1000mcg
Calcium: 50mg
Magnesium: 25mg
Chloride: 75mg
Sodium: 50mg
Potassium: 25mg
Animal Rage Proprietary Formula: 5,275mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, take 1 pack 45 minutes prior to your training session. Due to Animal Rage's potency, do not exceed 1 pack per 24 hour period.

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