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Reflex Nutrition Intra Fusion

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Size: 560g Average Servings: 40
Key Benefits
  • Potent Intra Workout Formula
  • Allows for a reduction in fatigue
  • Mixes easily with water
  • Available in several delicious flavours
  • Contains instantised BCAAs
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Reflex Nutrition Intra Fusion Description

As a company and a brand, Reflex really needs no introduction. Here at FitnessBeans we though we’d give them one anyway. Since establishing themselves in this competitive market, Reflex has gone from strength to strength behind an array of franchise worthy products.

Whilst other brands tend to release one or two products and then sit back and lap up the applause on offer, Reflex and their team of expert scientists have opted for an alternative route. They’ve been releasing quality product after quality product and appear to be showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. It’s just one of the reasons they can be considered one of, if not, the best suppliers of supplements on a global scale.

Regardless of your end training goal or physique, Reflex will have something to get you there. Previous training plateaus and lacklustre sessions will quickly become a thing of the past as you continue to strive forwards and achieve new personal bests.

One product from their extensive range which demonstrates all of the quality attributes that Reflex can offer you in a product is that of Intra Fusion. This can be considered an intra workout supplement with is brimming full of quality ingredients such as BCAAs, glutamine, citrulline malate and electrolytes.

The above ingredients have been scientifically selected and added in optimal ratios to ensure that you, the athlete, are getting absolutely everything you require and more during your training sessions and performances; nothing has been left to chance. As a result, you can guarantee your work rate and ability to resist fatigue will simply go through the roof.

Key Benefits

As a result of supplementing with this product during your workouts, not only will you be able to fight off fatigue and continue to achieve results where it matters most, but it will also allow your body to maintain a normal protein metabolism. The recovery process commences before you’ve even finished, meaning the likelihood of muscle breakdown or catabolism is strongly reduced.

If you work hard in the gym then you deserve all of the help and assistance your body requires to continue moving forwards. This is exactly what Intra Fusion from Reflex can offer you. Below average performances and skipping the gym due to fatigue will become a thing of distant memories.

For those of you who always want more, not only does this supplement guarantee results but it tastes fantastic too. Available in several delicious fruity flavours, it mixes effortlessly with water and isn’t overpowering or heavy. This is important, especially when the product requires drinking during your training session. Reflex really have considered it all and pulled out all of the stops with this one.

So there you have Intra Fusion from Reflex; one of the most precise and potent intra workout supplements currently available. If you’re looking to achieve big things then this supplement can act as the backbone and fuel source of your gym sessions. With all this in mind, why not pick up your supply today and start to reap the rewards on offer.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (14g):
Total Calories: 50
Protein: 37.7g
Total Carbohydrates: 3.2g
Fat: 0g
Sodium: 129mg
Magnesium: 22.8mg
Vitamin B6: 1.1mg
Potassium: 33mg
Magnesium: 9.5mg
Zinc: 0.6mg
Manganese: 0.2mg
Selenium: 1.9µg
Citrulline Malate: 1500mg
L-Glutamine: 2500mg
Isoleucine: 1750mg
Leucine: 3500mg
Valine: 1750mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, mix 14g with 250ml of water and consume during exercise.

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