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Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass

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Size: 2.73kg Average Servings: 20
Key Benefits
  • Weight Gain Taken To A New Level
  • Contains 52g of protein per serving
  • The best weight gainer money can buy
  • Even split of carbohydrates and protein
  • Includes several key mineral and vitamins
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Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Description

Weight gainers are incredibly popular with bodybuilders, none more so than Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass, which is one of the best on the market and promises to deliver more protein that the competition.

Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass is not a typical weight gainer, as it is an ultra high quality product designed to not only add bulk and lean muscle mass, but also to assist your body in other ways – such as improving its immune system, enabling it to repair itself more effectively after a vigorous workout.

Utilising a number of different formulas, all of which have been blended together seamlessly to bring you one of the best products on the market from a company with a proven track record in this field, Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass will deliver more protein per serving than any other shake.

It also works with your body to release energy throughout the day, giving you a boost when you need it most and energy at times when you might expect your body to be flagging.

Designed to deliver only the best calories – beneficial calories used for energy rather than those that remain in your body as fat – Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass also contains ingredients designed to aid digestion. It is also a great source of dietary fibre; complex carbohydrates with both low GL and a wide range of vitamins and minerals to ensure you can function at your maximum for longer.

Key Ingredients

Knowing what you are putting into your body is vital. You should never select a supplement based solely on the promises it makes and always check to see if its ingredients are consistent with what it claims to deliver. Here is what you get when you take Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass as a way of helping build bulk and muscle mass:

  • A blend of whey proteins delivers a high concentration of chain amino acids to repair and maintain lean muscle tissue. The blend also stimulates muscle protein synthesis after exercise to reduce damage and improve endurance. Hydrolysed protein is included to facilitate faster protein absorption.
  • Glutamine increases muscle protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein degradation.
  • A special blend low GI carbohydrate complex, which provides an instant source of energy while limiting the potential for carbohydrate related fat gain.
  • Digezyme┬« enhances protein and carbohydrate digestion, reducing the amount of stress placed on the body during the digestive process. It also aids in the elimination of the bloating feeling often associated with protein supplements.

Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass contains a number of other ingredients that are not listed here. They have mostly been selected to ensure the product not only tastes great, but also works with your system to prevent your sensitive digestive system being upset.

Other ingredients are included to increase the shelf life of the product. If you still have concerns, a full list is provided on the product label.

Do not take any chances by purchasing an inferior product. Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass has been proven to work for both beginners and professionals and every one in between.

Know exactly what to expect when you choose Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass – great weight gain and improved lean muscle mass.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (136g):
Total Calories: 482
Protein: 52g
Total Carbohydrates: 50g
Fat: 8.2g
Zinc: 15mg
Magnesium: 225mg
Copper: 750ug
Vitamin C: 100mg
Vitamin B6: 5.25mg
Chromium: 200ug
Calcium: 301mg
Sodium: 123mg
Potassium: 390mg
Digezyme: 50mg
Lactospore: 50,000,000

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

For optimal results, consume 5 scoops with approximately 400ml of water or milk.

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