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PhD Nutrition BCAA

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Size: 195 Capsules Average Servings: 39
Key Benefits
  • Innovation For The Modern Athlete
  • Includes a precise 2:1:1 ratio
  • Easy to consume capsules
  • Enhances recovery rates
  • Maintains lean muscle mass percentages
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PhD Nutrition BCAA Description

PhD Nutrition as a company and a brand really need no introduction. Since establishing themselves in the health and fitness industry they have developed into one of the premier providers of supplements, not just in the UK but on a global scale.

One thing that tends to separate PhD Nutrition from their competitors is the precision and expertise in which their supplements are developed and formulated. Absolutely nothing is left to chance and you won’t find any cheap sugars or fillers within a million miles of this brand. Their team of expert scientists pride themselves on being the best and won’t stop until every corner of the health and fitness market has been explored.

One product which oozes this ethos and commitment to excellence is their BCAA range. BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids which consist of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These are considered essential because although the body requires them to function sufficiently, they cannot be produced by the body themselves. As a result they are required through diet and nutrition.

The Benefits Of BCAAs

One way to ensure you never go without is through supplementation and this is exactly what this supplement allows for. So why are BCAAs so important? Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine make up approximately 1/3 of all human skeletal muscle tissue. Previous research has demonstrated that BCAAs enhance protein synthesis and also prevent catabolism, therefore maintaining percentage levels of lean muscle mass. In a nutshell, BCAAs have the ability to bring about serious anabolic effects whilst restricting any losses.

If all this wasn’t enough, PhD Nutrition has gone the extra mile to provide these key components in optimal levels. This BCAA formula is the first within their recovery range which offers the specific 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, with Leucine being considered the most important and most vital of the three.

Not only will BCAAs enhance lean muscle mass percentages, allowing you to train for longer and harder than ever before, they also assist in speeding up the recovery and repair processes. If you train back to back on consecutive days or even within the same day, you will appreciate the importance of being physically prepared and not having to worry about still being sore from the previous session. BCAAs maximise your ability to recover in minimal time.

PhD Nutrition has also provided these BCAA dosages in easy to consume capsules that won’t upset you or leave you feeling bloated. This is vitally important as they are required pre, during and post workout for optimal results. Simply pop the supplement in your gym bag and away you go. There’s no messy blending or shaking involved with this super supplement.

So there you have BCAAs from PhD Nutrition, the most engineered and scientifically advanced brand on this planet. If you want to train harder, train longer and recover quicker than ever before then look no further than this supplement. This supplement has the ability to take you and your training to where you’ve never been before.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (5 Capsules):
Leucine: 1250mg
Isoleucine: 625mg
Valine: 625mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, take 5 capsules 15-20 minutes prior to workout, 5 capsules during your workout and 5 capsules directly after your workout.

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