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MyProtein Pro:Long

2.0 out of 5.0
Size: 1.5kg Average Servings: 30
Key Benefits
  • Optimal Intra Exercise Formula
  • Scientifically driven intra exercise formula
  • Incredible taste
  • Assists with hydration and fuel
  • Packed full of carbohydrates and electrolytes
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MyProtein Pro:Long Description

MyProtein Pro:Long , 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

When it comes to health and fitness supplements, MyProtein like to think a little outside the box. Not satisfied with simply just releasing bog standard supplements, their team of elite scientists always attempt to go that extra mile to offer you, the consumer, unbelievable products which have the ability to transform your physique and training.

One product which demonstrates this ethos to a tee is their Pro:Long supplement which is part of the MyProtein nutrient timing programme. This is all about providing athlete’s with exactly what they need, when they need it the most; regardless of whether this be pre, during or post workout. You can rest assured that your body’s unique requirements will be met with each of their incredible supplements. They really are all second to none.

Key Benefits

So what can you expect from Pro:Long? For starters, this supplement can be considered a unique formula which allows you to keep going. Taken during your workout, this key product and its incredible blend of ingredients will allow you to work harder for longer periods of time. Lacklustre sessions will become a thing of the past and you will start to make every second and every minute in that gym count.

This is achieved through a blend of carbohydrates, proteins and electrolytes; all included in optimal ratios to power your workouts, encourage hydration and provide you with a consistent energy supply will feels like it will never run out. What more could you really ask for?

If all that simply wasn’t enough you also receive with each and every serving 5g of BCAAs, 500mg of vitamin C and 500mg of electrolytes. The BCAAs or branched chain amino acids allow for repair and recovery of muscle tissue amongst other things. During exercise your body can quickly enter a catabolic state where your muscles start to breakdown. This healthy serving will assist in preventing this and ultimately create an environment where your muscles can thrive.

The inclusion of electrolytes serves to encourage and maintain adequate hydration. Previous research has highlighted that a small drop in hydration levels can have a profound effect on physical performance levels and so this ingredient inclusion can be considered absolutely essential.

Last but my no means least, the addition of vitamin C allows for harmful toxins, produced during physical activity, to quickly and effectively be removed from the body. It also assists in maintaining a healthy defence. There’s absolutely nothing that has been left to chance with this supplement; if it’s required by you to perform optimally then you can rest assured that MyProtein have both considered and included it within their potent blend.

So there you have Pro:Long by MyProtein; the intra workout formula which will allow you to power through your workouts and achieve results like never before. Not only is this supplement highly effective but it tastes incredible too; with all this in mind, isn’t it time you purchased your supply today and started to reap the benefits on offer tomorrow?

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (50g):
Energy: 643kj
Protein: 2.1g
Carbohydrate: 34.8g
iBCAA: 5g
Vitamin C: 500mg
Electrolytes: 500mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, add 400-500ml of water with 1 heaped scoop, shake and consume. Consume during exercise to remain fuelled and hydrated.

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