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Mutant Amino

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Size: 300 Capsules Average Servings: 150
Key Benefits
  • Muscle Mass Building Blocks
  • Easy to consume tablets
  • Helps support lean muscle mass and growth
  • Provides 2000mg of amino acids per serving
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Mutant Amino Description

Since establishing themselves in the health and fitness industry, Mutant has gone from strength to strength and now offers a range of supplements which are simply second to none. From weight gain to whey protein, Mutant has it all and they are continuing to grow in both popularity and size at an alarming rate.

Regardless of your chosen activity or fitness goal, Mutant will have something to take you and your performance levels to the next stage. Your previous personal bests will become a thing of the past and you will literally destroy any plateaus in your training.

Unlike other fitness brands which opt to sit back after releasing one or two key products, Mutant has opted for an alternative route. Their team of scientists are working tirelessly around the clock in the pursuit of the next big thing. They simply won’t give up until their work is done and they’ve cornered every single health and fitness avenue. Watch this space!

One product which has already been released and has made an immediate impact is the Mutant Amino. As the name suggests this supplement is a high quality concentrated source of branched chain amino acids or BCAAs for short. These can be considered essential as although required by the body for adequate and optimal functioning, they cannot be produced by the body itself.

Amino acids can be considered the building blocks from which all life forms exist. Not only are they responsible for muscular repair and regeneration but they also play a key role in creating a positive nitrogen balance which is simply vital for new muscle mass development.

Key Ingredients

Mutant Amino are derived from an incredible blend of high quality hydrolysed whey protein isolate, free form and branched chain amino acids. Mutant and their team of scientists have literally included everything you need to grow and develop like never before. Each serving provides a huge 2000mg of quality amino acids which will help your target muscles and physique both repair and rebuild after a strenuous exercise session. They also prevent muscular catabolism or muscle wastage. You simply won’t find a better supplement to compete with this! They really are that good.

If you work hard in the gym then you deserve a supplement which does the same for you. That’s exactly what Mutant Amino offers you and more. Not only that but they are convenient too. Contained within small sugar coated capsules, Mutant Amino can be taken with water and waste absolutely no time in getting to work. Simply pop some in your gym bag and away you go. For optimal results consume during the day and both before and after training.

So there you have Mutant Amino, the ultimate concentrated BCAA source. If you’re looking to experience real gains in the gym and take your training and physique to another planet then this super supplement will get you there. With all this in mind, isn’t it time you ordered your Mutant Amino today and started to reap the benefits on offer.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (2 Capsules):
Amino Acids: 2g

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

Consume 2 capsules before meals and again before and after training. Consume plenty of water alongside supplementation.

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