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Met-Rx Xtreme Size Up Weight Gainer

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Size: 2.7kg Average Servings: 16
Key Benefits
  • The Xtreme Way To Enhance Muscle Mass
  • Over 50g of protein per serving
  • Easily gain mass and pack on size
  • Available in a selection of great tasting flavours
  • Developed using only the finest ingredients
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Met-Rx Xtreme Size Up Weight Gainer Description

If you find that you are one of those people who, no matter how hard you try, have trouble bulking up, then Met-Rx Xtreme Size Up Weight Gainer is just what you need to help you out. Specifically designed for individuals who have had no success with other products, Met-Rx Size Up Weight Gainer contains many key ingredients that have been chosen especially to help you get the results you desire.

Nutrients specifically designed to target the areas you wish to bulk up will help you meet your body’s demands for both sustained and immediate energy, as well as protein synthesis (muscle building), all in a great tasting formula.

Clinically developed and trusted across the globe, Met-Rx Xtreme Size Up Weight Gainer contains Metamyosyn protein, along with additional muscle mass nutrients that include creatine, extra whey protein, glutamine and high quality branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) of the highest quality. Met-Rx Size Up Weight Gainer is biofuel and meets all your body’s protein needs. You can be sure that when you take this supplement you are getting protein from the best possible sources.

Met-Rx Size Up Weight Gainer is also high in fibre and this top quality formula, which contains complex carbohydrates, helps to intensify the time-release effects of the muscle mass nutrients and Metamyosyn protein. Unlike other formulas available on the market, when you purchase this product you can be sure you will not be taking a supplement that is heavy with sugars. Instead, what you are getting is a complex mixture of carefully selected ingredients that have been blended together to ensure that both your body and mind can work at their peak level and that your muscle building efforts are enhanced, not compromised.

Take Met-Rx Size Up Weight Gainer if you wish to ensure that you get results you can be proud of quickly and safely. Thanks to the added vitamins and minerals, you will be helping your body out by developing an improved immune system and achieving shorter periods of recovery between workouts.

Key Ingredients

As with any supplements, it is important to know what you are putting into your body; the key ingredients in Met-Rx Size Up Weight Gainer are as follows.

  • A proprietary protein blend, which combines whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate to provide maximum protein benefit while ensuring easier digestion and absorption. Egg albumen provides the muscle-building benefits without the fat or cholesterol.
  • Creatine is a substance found naturally in your body that is used every time you carry out intense exercises. Adding creatine to the formula ensures natural stores are not depleted, allowing for sustained energy levels. Creatine also speeds up the muscle growth process, allowing for greater weight gain over a shorter period of time.
  • Glutamine provides energy, increases stamina, promotes muscle growth, enables muscles to recover from workouts more quickly, thus reducing the threat of reaching a catabolic state; protein breakdown in the muscle.

Met-Rx Size Up Weight Gainer has a number of other ingredients that are not listed here. That does not mean it has anything to hide, it is simply that most of these ingredients have been chosen to ensure that it tastes great and does not aggravate your digestive system, while ensuring that it has an extended shelf life. If you have any doubts, check the label, just to reassure yourself.

Overall, Xtreme Size-Up is specially designed for hard gainers who want to gain weight and pack-on quality mass. MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up features FOUR Hardcore Blends to help you keep growing when other weight gainers quit.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (167g):
Total Calories: 587
Protein: 54.4
Total Carbohydrates: 81.6g
Fat: 4.8g
Cholesterol: 0g
Sodium: 0.39g
L-Glutamine: 3g

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, mix 4 scoops with approximately 500ml of water.

Consume one serving per day.

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