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MAN Sports Vaporize

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Size: 90 Capsules Average Servings: 90
Key Benefits
  • Destroy Unwanted Fat Through Incineration!
  • Body fat reducing phenomenon
  • Supports normal liver and kidney functioning
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Ideal for creating a healthy, lean muscular physique
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MAN Sports Vaporize Description

MAN Sports Vaporize is a fat burner so powerful that it will have you feeling the effects in no time. The product is composed of a newly discovered fat burning and metabolism raising substance called sesamin, a product which is naturally found in sesame seed husks and the nuts, bark and fruits of certain species of plants.

MAN Sports Vaporize has potent fat burning effects, however, it is not just a thermogenic supplement. Sesamin is a type of lignin, a substance found in woody natural materials, and it has been demonstrated to provide other beneficial health effects. It is believed to help the function of the liver and to support the kidneys.

Better balanced cholesterol levels and an anti-oxidant effect ensure that users of MAN Sports Vaporize will experience an overall boost in their health and feeling of well being, as well as the stripping away of unwanted body fat at a higher rate than normal. MAN Sports Vaporize helps to increase vitality by improving the body’s use of Vitamin E, including absorption, use and recycling of this crucial vitamin.

MAN Sports Vaporize is known to have fat oxidisation power, meaning that it actively encourages the break down of solid fat tissue into particles that are useable by the body as an immediate energy source. When MAN Sports Vaporize is working to break down fat, you will find that your weight loss progress is much steadier; combined with the thermogenic effect, MAN Sports Vaporize is an ideal supplement for people wanting to take their diet to the next level.

Active Ingredients In MAN Sports Vaporize

Sesamin is the main active ingredient found in MAN Sports Vaporize. This is a special extract from the woody substance that makes up the husks of sesame seeds, and it is part of a group of substances called lignins. These are known in traditional medicine for their medicinal effects thanks to their strong anti-oxidant powers.

Interestingly, sesamin is not just an anti-oxidant, but also demonstrates potent fat mobilising and burning powers. This is thought to be due to the augmentation of liver function by increased production of enzymes. Sesamin is a great all round ingredient thanks to its effect on fat burning, liver health, and good cholesterol.

MAN Sports Vaporize also contains a blend of essential fatty acids, as found in natural sources such as oily fish. This is known as the Big-FishTM blend and it brings all the known benefits of high levels of essential fatty acids. Just some of the known benefits of fish oils include improved cardiovascular health, better blood cholesterol levels (more good cholesterol and less bad), stronger and healthier joints with better lubrication, and body composition improvement. In other words, Big-FishTM promotes greater well being and will help you to reach your fat loss goals in less time.

The EPA and DHA fatty acids included in Big-FishTM work harmoniously with the sesamin extract to activate PPAR Alpha receptors (involved in fat metabolism) to give a great combination of fat burning effects.

Overall, MAN Sports Vaporize is potent fat burner that will help take your diet or cutting to the next level. It gets to work extremely quickly, which means that you will soon have that body you have always desired!

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (1 Capsule):
Calories: 9
Total Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sesame Seed Oil: 500mg
50% Sesamin Lignans
Total Sesamin Lignans: 250mg
Omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate: 500mg
EPA: 150mg
DHA: 100mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To achieve maximal gains consume 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day, alongside food.

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