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MAN Sports Scorch

3.0 out of 5.0
Size: 168 Capsules Average Servings: 56
Key Benefits
  • Reveal the steal; ultimate fat burning sensation!
  • Enhances fat burning capacity
  • Provides increments in energy levels with no slumps
  • Suppresses hunger and controls appetite
  • Allows significant reductions in excessive water retention
  • Enables maintenance of lean body muscular mass
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MAN Sports Scorch Description

MAN Sports Scorch, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Deemed the ‘most complete fat burning formulation ever assembled’, it seemed like a good place to start when describing this supplement! MAN Sports have created a truly incredible fat burning product. MAN Sports might not be your average household name when it comes to the health and fitness supplement industry, but don’t let this alter your opinion and potentially make you miss out on this truly incredible fat burner.

MAN Sports recognise that the foundation of a truly great physique is created within the gym and acknowledge that only those with the internal burning desire to want more and to be the best will only ever achieve their dreams. Having said that, with their latest fat burning sensation you really are getting a helping hand and a big shove in the right direction. This product is at the forefront of revolutionary innovations; with scientific and clinical support combining with the world’s finest ingredients, there was only ever going to be one outcome!

This product is the most potent, most powerful supplement ever to leave the MAN Sports laboratory. Quite simply, it makes getting into shape easier than ever!

Guaranteeing Results

MAN Sports Scorch guarantees the 5 following results:

  1. Burns fat at an accelerated rate.
  2. Provides the individual with a huge energy boost that is sustained without the crashing experience associated with cheaper products.
  3. Suppresses hunger whilst at the same time allowing you to control appetite levels.
  4. Allows for an enhanced state of mental clarity, focus and mood.
  5. Maintains lean body mass whilst reducing excessive water retention levels.

The Key Ingredients

With MAN Sports Scorch you won’t find any cheap ingredients or fillers that are included simply to pad out the product. Everything included in this product is there for a fat burning reason. Let us now consider a few of these key ingredients in detail:

  • Raspberry Ketones: Extracted directly from raspberries, these compounds possess strong fat loss properties and are considered revolutionary in the fat loss industry. Their effects are brought about by causing thermogenesis within the body at a cellular level whilst also enhancing the release of norepinephrine. This in turn enhances the breakdown of fat cells, reduces the feeling of hunger and causes increments in both mood and attention levels. Quite simply it hits fat loss from a multitude of directions!
  • Isobutyryl Thiamine Disulfide: Deriving from the B-vitamin B-1, this new fat soluble compound produces its effects on the brain allowing for an elevated state whilst reducing the potential for both mental and physical fatigue. In addition to elevated alertness and memory processes, ITD has also been shown to reduce stress levels.
  • Synephrine: Another revolutionary ingredient added to combat fat loss from several angles. Synephrine enhances not only an individual’s metabolic rate and fat burning potential but at the same time spares muscle protein levels. Due to its biological makeup and how it exerts its effects, it is considered more advanced than many similar products and doesn’t have any unwanted side effects such as heart palpitations or shakes.
  • P2 Oolong Tea SE: Oolong tea has long been thought of as an extensive antioxidant. More recently, it has been hypothesised that this ingredient also has the ability to aid a reduction in body fat levels. One way in which it achieves this is through raising the metabolic rate of the body.
  • Ginger Root SE Gingerols & Shogaols: Not only can this ingredient be considered effective for its fat burning ability but also for general health and well-being. One side effect to ginger is that it causes you to sweat whilst at the same time assisting in breaking up and dispelling of intestinal gases. This has the overall positive effect of cleansing the colon region, stimulating circulation and enhancing metabolic rates.

The ingredients associated with this fat burning product really are pushing the boundaries of science in order to offer you, the consumer, incredible results and allow you to achieve your health and fitness goals. It’s no coincidence that this is considered one of the best fat burning supplements currently available to purchase. It’s results are second to none!

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (3 Capsules):
Lean Green 250mg
Total EGCG 150mg
P2 Oolong Tea SE 250mg
Total Polymerized Polyphenols 75mg
Total EGCG 25mg
Caffeine USP 200mg
PEA 150 mg
Isobutyryl Thiamine Disulfide 150 mg
Raspberry Ketones 125mg
Evodiamine 99% 50mg
Ginger Root SE 50mg
Synephrine 99% 20mg
Bioperine 5mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume MAN Sports Scorch take 3 capsules twice per day. For optimal results consume on an empty stomach.

Consume your first serving first thing in the morning and your second serving in the afternoon, preferably before 4pm so that not to interfere with later sleep patterns.

Ensure that you leave a minimum of 4 hours between each serving.

Following an 8 week dosing period ensure that you take a minimum of 2 weeks before resuming this supplement.

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