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LA Whey Protein

4.0 out of 5.0
Size: 2.2kg Average Servings: 36
Key Benefits
  • Deemed the recommended protein in 2011 by Men’s Health magazine!
  • 48g pure whey protein, Lactose-free, low carb, low fat
  • High Potassium-Sodium ratio to get rid of water retention
  • Build more muscle, recover quicker, train harder
  • No artificial additives, sweeteners, colours, GMO-free
  • UK's No.1 Quality Protein as Seen on TV
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LA Whey Protein Description

LA Whey Protein, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

LA Muscle is one of, if not, the best suppliers of health and fitness related supplements. Each and every single product they produce and release leaves absolutely nothing to chance and their ingredient lists are compiled through years of scientific research. Their Whey protein powder is no different and this could be the reason why this particular product is receiving recognition from every possible direction, and rightly so. Deemed the ‘recommended protein powder’ by Men’s Health Magazine just helps to reiterate this point. If you’re looking for a protein that’s quite simply head and shoulders above the rest, then look no further!

What Makes LA Whey Different?

So why is this supplement so good? Apart from the mammoth 48g of whey protein with each and every serving, by purchasing this product you are purchasing the best quality protein that money can buy. As with all supplements in any genre, there are some which simply don’t perform and this is largely due to the cheap ingredients which can be considered average at best.

Quite simply, your body deserves better – and with LA Muscle Whey you are consuming pure ionic exchanged, cold processed whey protein. You won’t find any cheap egg or casein within a million miles of this supplement. Instead you will find the greatest possible protein to allow for maximal muscle building, fat loss and enhanced recovery rates. One of the ways LA Muscle Whey can ensure these results is through the inclusion of 17% glutamate, which is the highest concentrate currently found within any whey protein on the market. This basically ensures optimal cell expansion, recovery and growth.

What more can you ask for?

Another incredible positive provided by this supplement is its complete lack of harmful sweeteners and fillers. Often, with cheaper supplements, you will find a high level of fillers to pad out the product; the sweeteners are utilised to somewhat disguise the gritty taste of the below average protein. LA Muscle has simply not allowed this to happen. What’s more, their protein also possesses a biological value of 159+, which allows you as the consumer to be confident that with each sip of your protein supplement, maximal amounts are being deposited within your target muscles.

Regardless of whether you run marathons or push phenomenal weights, protein is a key component of everyone’s diet. With this is mind, it’s important to get the best possible sources of protein available. Protein is the building block from which all life exists and is essential for both cell growth and tissue repair. All proteins derive from numerous combinations of compounds called amino acids, of which there are 20 in total.

Of the 20 amino acids, 11 are considered non essential, which means that they can be produced by the body. The remaining 9 are considered essential amino acids and cannot be produced by the body. Consequently, these must be derived from the protein consumed within you diet. Simply by consuming LA Muscle Whey protein you are receiving your daily requirement of all essential amino acids whilst at the same time achieving a healthy dose of 21% branch chain amino acids. The benefits linked to this supplement are truly endless!

Due to the pure quality of this LA Muscle Whey protein you do not need to use as much. In each and every scoop you can obtain almost twice as much valuable protein as with other so called top brands. What’s more, the advanced formula won’t leave you bloated or feeling overly full.

This really is the most advanced, most amazing whey protein you will ever find, and with some of the top sporting athletes in the world putting their name to it, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Nutritional Information

Amount per serving:
Calories: 254 kcal
Protein: 48g
Carbohydrates: 6g
Saturated fats: 0.9g
Calcium: 214 mgs
Potassium: 390 mgs
Phosphorus: 228 mgs
Sodium: 105 mgs
Magnesium: 33.6 mgs

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume this product simply add 2 level scoops to a glass of water, juice, yoghurt or milk as your personal preference dictates. Stir to ensure an even blend before drinking. Vary the amount of liquid accordingly to suit your needs.

For muscle building purposes 1-2 scoops of LA Whey can be taken up to 3 times per day to include upon waking, immediately after your training session and prior to sleeping.

If you overall aim is fat loss, then why not use LA Whey as a replacement meal once a day? Use 2-3 scoops of LA Whey depending on body weight, and blend with other low fat ingredients such as natural yogurt or fresh fruit to produce a healthy and filling meal.

Each tub will last approximately 1-2 months depending on how much you use daily. You should remember that due to LA Whey's superior formula you do not need to use as much as other protein supplements.

Both LA Muscle and FitnessBeans recommend stacking this product with Norateen Heavyweight 2, also by LA Muscle, for the ultimate super size combination.

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