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LA Muscle Six Pack Pill

3.4 out of 5.0
5 Reviews
Size: 90 Capsules Average Servings: 90
Key Benefits
  • The world’s only real six pack pill, with 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Dual action fat blocker and powerful fat burner
  • Generation 2 classified super capsules
  • 100% natural and great for both men and women
  • Results within as little as 3 days
  • Rapid noticeable enhancements within your abdominal region
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LA Muscle Six Pack Pill Description

LA Muscle Six Pack Pill, 3.4 out of 5 based on 89 ratings

Whether it’s protein, creatine or any other health and fitness related supplement for that matter, LA Muscle always seem to deliver phenomenal results. One product attracting incredible attention is their six pack pill, which claims to be the ‘world’s only real six pack pill’. In today’s society where individuals tend to get judged based purely on their physical attributes and where everyone is looking for a quick fix when it comes to fitness, it appears as though LA Muscle might have struck gold with their latest offering.

But how reliable is this supplement? For years now, LA Muscle has come up trumps with its offerings and everything that it has claimed – based on sound research and their team of experts – has never strayed from the mark. What’s more, this particular product claims to provide noticeable results within 3 days and comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so there really is no need to second guess it!

How Does It Work?

As stated, the six pack pill is an exclusive product to the LA Muscle range and goes one step further than simply fat loss, by also offering a solid six pack that you have always dreamt of. So how does it actually work? To some extent this is the million dollar question and LA Muscle are far too bust savvy to let their unique invention be fully revealed.

All we know is that the unique composition of this six pack pill not only burns fat but also blocks the absorption of fat at the same time. It is almost impossible to categorically state the exact mechanism for which these wonder six pack pills create such awesome results. Generally speaking however, it is hypothesised that one or more of these 3 methods is likely to be responsible:

  1. The pill causes fat release from its holding cells where it enters the bloodstream and is transported directly to the working muscles where it is metabolised and utilised as fuel.
  2. The pill brings about a complicated alteration in the levels of specific hormones and neurotransmitters which ultimately results in appetite suppression.
  3. The pill acts directly on the consumption of food intake and restricts the body itself from absorbing fat during the digestion process, resulting in fat passing straight through.

Regardless of the exact mechanisms, the six pack pill by LA Muscle guarantees to blast away any fat and leave you with that ripped abdominal physique you’ve always desired. In a society where time waits for no one and individuals are wanting results yesterday can you really afford to go without the supplement?

If you’re looking for that toned abdominal physique and are struggling to achieve your potential through sit ups alone, then why not give this supplement a go. At the very least you’ll get your money back and at most you’ll possess a Hollywood style body to die for! It really is a win-win situation.

LA Muscle Six Pack Pill Reviews

  • by JayCee Slaughter on 2nd July 2014

    Its great but how many are you supposed to take a day?

  • by Mr. Ameer Hammod on 26th April 2014

    This Really helped me get a six-pack. I Always wanted to get a six-pack but these pills really did the Job, Now I am fit like a Soldier and I can run faster like a rocket.

    I Would Recommend this product.

  • by dylan on 18th October 2012

    I seen results within 5 days its amazing i recommend this to anyone who wants/is trying to get a six pack.

  • by Ben on 27th June 2012

    This product is superb. As the other reviewer points out, the weight just drops off effortlessly. I had pretty good definition anyway around my stomach, but this has managed to help me shift that last layer of fat that has really brought out the definition in my 6 pack – I would recommend to anyone!

  • by carl on 30th April 2012

    Iv been dieting & using LA Muscle products since Jan 2012. Started as a new years thing but lost so much weight using it iv kept it up since then. Iv lost 4 inches of my stomach everyone at work has wanted to know my secret & all i can say is LA Muscle products are that secret i cant recommend them enough. The 6 pack pills have the same active ingredients as LA Muscles Fat Stripper with additional ingredients but at the same price so better value. If you stack them together you might not get much sleep thats the only side effect iv had on them.

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Nutritional Information

Amount Per Capsule:
Inositol: 150mgs
Choline Bitartate: 150mgs
Betaine: 150mgs
Methionine: 150mgs
Chitosan: 100mgs
Carnitine: 10mgs
Chromium Piccolinate: 50mcgs

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

Take 1- 2 six pack pill capsules, 3 times a day. For optimal results consume just before meals.

Tub should last between 15-30 days dependant on use.

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