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LA Muscle Norateen Extreme

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Size: 180 Capsules Average Servings: 90
Key Benefits
  • The strongest muscle building supplement on today’s market!
  • Incredible and previously unseen strength muscle builder.
  • Contains 7 phenomenal body building agents.
  • Guaranteed to work in 7 days or less.
  • An incredible supplement to take your training to the next level.
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LA Muscle Norateen Extreme Description

Norateen Extreme from LA Muscle is a powerful testosterone booster and muscle builder. It is designed specifically for the unique needs of serious bodybuilders. Norateen Extreme delivers potent muscle-building constituents for bigger and stronger muscles in a formula that’s 100% natural, and also completely drug-free; you get impressive gains without any dangerous side effects.

Norateen Extreme features a patent-pending formula that increases both testosterone and growth hormone naturally, dramatically increasing your strength and endurance to power through those gruelling workouts.

You’ll be able to lift heavier weights and encourage more growth from every muscle in your body, especially when combined with a training regimen that includes a clean diet, rest and plenty of sleep, high amounts of supplemental protein and a power lifter’s workout routine of heavy compound movements, including squats, dead lifts, bench press, shoulder press and rows on a split routine. Many Norateen Extreme users see noticeable results after just one week.

Because of its incredible potency, LA Muscle Norateen Extreme should not be taken by anyone under the age of 20.


This supplement is not intended for the casual athlete or fitness enthusiast. LA Muscle’s Norateen Extreme is intended only for serious bodybuilders and those doing heavy weight training, as it is the most powerful strength and muscle builder available on the market today.

Backed by LA Muscle’s respected R&D and scientific team, Norateen Extreme combines all other Norateens in a supercharged new formula that is designed to give you dramatic results in a shorter time, safely and without any harmful side effects.

Norateen Extreme is packaged in a new Generation III aluminium tub, exclusive to LA Muscle. Developed by the LA Muscle team, this new container is at the cutting edge of supplement packaging. The aluminium container keeps your supplement cooler and encased in total darkness, increasing its potency and extending the shelf life of the product. The tough aluminium exterior also helps protects the contents from damage. The tub lining is guaranteed for a full 5 years, which virtually eliminates the possibility of contamination.

Key Ingredients

Here are just a few of the ingredients in Norateen Extreme that provide such incredible results:

  • Himalayan Discorea Deltoidea: an all-natural herb prized for its effects on regulating hormone production, with high concentrations of plant steroids that provide the building blocks for producing progesterone and cortisone in the body; 100% natural, safe and drug-free.
  • Long Jack (Tongkat Ali): natural plant extract that increases testosterone levels, lean muscle mass and promotes muscle growth.
  • Bulgarian Tribulus: plant extract that’s been shown to boost testosterone levels in the body by boosting luteinizing hormone production, increasing testosterone naturally; 100% Bulgarian.
  • Pharma Beta Ecdysterone: extremely effective muscle builder that helps increase protein synthesis in the body to promote muscle growth.
  • Methoxyisoflavone (Pharmaceutical Grade): helps increase strength and muscle mass during heavy resistance training.
  • Chrysin (Flavone X): naturally occurring flavone extracted from the blue passion flower, believed to be an aromatase inhibitor that helps stimulate testosterone production and increase testosterone levels.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Capsule:
Fenugreek: 100mgs
Himalayan Discorea Deltoidea: 75mgs
Long Jack: 75mgs
Trib: 30mgs
Pharma Beta Exdysterone: 20mgs
Methoxyisoflavone: 25mgs
Chrysin: 25mgs

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume this supplement take 2 tablets, 3 times a day. For optimal results these should be consumed with a high protein snack or meal. On training days, 2 of these tablets should be taken 15 minutes before your workout and the remaining 4 as above.

Norateen Extreme should not be taken with other male hormone boosters. Take as directed every day and do not skip doses. For most people, Norateen starts kicking in within days. Everyone is different so make sure you take it as instructed, train hard and heavy with compound movements, training each body part no more than once a week and you will see the best gains of your life.

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