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Gaspari IsoFusion

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Size: 1.3kg Average Servings: 44
Key Benefits
  • Premium Whey Isolate
  • 25g of protein per serving
  • Available in several delicious flavours
  • Minimal carbohydrates and fats
  • Ability to enhance your lean muscle mass percentages
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Gaspari IsoFusion Description

When it comes to health and fitness supplement providers, Gaspari as a company and a brand really need no introduction. Here at FitnessBeans we thought we’d give them one anyway. Since establishing themselves in the health and fitness industry, they have gone from strength to strength and are now considered one of the powerhouses. As a general rule of thumb; if it says Gaspari on the packaging then you know you’re onto a winner.

From pre workouts to recovery, protein to creatine, Gaspari and their extensive range of products have something for each and everyone of you, regardless of your physique or end training goal. Their supplements have the ability to take your training up a level or two and smash through any previous training barriers which stood in your way.

One product which demonstrates their ethos and mentality is that of Gaspari Isofusion. This can be considered a delicious whey protein isolate as the name suggests, but in reality it offers so much more. Through a revolutionary triple cold filtration processing, not only does this supplement provide you with the ability to lay down lean muscle mass like never before but it tastes sensational too. Further benefits of this innovative processing means that the branched chain amino acids contained within are more potent and offer further benefits to you and your overall physique.

Key Benefits

With each and every serving you are receiving 25g of the finest protein money can buy. The importance of protein simply cannot be overlooked when it comes to exercise and an ultimate nutrition. Protein is the building block from which all life forms exist and is required for adequate functioning as well as repair and recovery following strenuous bouts of exercise. Without it, you will soon notice a decrement in your overall performance levels and at extreme deprivation you will experience muscle atrophy or wastage. It really is that important.

One way to ensure you never go without is through supplementing with products such as Gaspari’s IsoFusion. This will get to work straight away and ensure your target muscles never go without. If you work hard in the gym then you deserve a supplement which works just as hard for you and this is exactly what IsoFusion from Gaspari will do for you.

Not only is this supplement highly effective, but it tastes great too. Available in several delicious flavours, you will feel like your enjoying a treat shake on a cheat day. They really do taste that good. Mixing effortlessly with water or milk, you won’t experience any bloating or discomfort as you would with some of the cheaper, lesser shakes.

So there you have IsoFusion from Gaspari; one of the most effective and efficient whey protein isolates on this planet. If you’re looking to enhance your lean muscle mass percentages and consume more protein in your diet whilst also monitoring other ingredients, then this is the supplement for you. Once you’ve tasted this shake you’ll never want or need to experience another protein supplement ever again.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (31g):
Total Calories: 120
Protein: 25g
Total Carbohydrates: 2g
Fat: 0.5g
Sodium: 135mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, add 1 scoop per 175-235ml of water. Add 1 to 2 scoops of Isofusion per serving. Blend vigorously for 30 seconds and consume immediately.

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