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Dorian Yates Formass

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Size: 2.2kg Average Servings: 30
Key Benefits
  • Formula For Lean Mass
  • Available in several delicious flavours
  • 25g of protein per serving
  • Enhances the potential to develop lean muscle mass
  • Mixes effortlessly with water or milk
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Dorian Yates Formass Description

Dorian Yates is an athlete who really needs no introduction. Since entering the competitive world of bodybuilding, Dorian Yates has been a dominant force and has been crowned Mr Olympia a staggering 6 times! I think it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about both training and diet.

In Dorian Yates the supplements, you can expect exactly the same. Each and every supplement from his range is designed with one thing in mind and one thing only; to take your training performances to another level. Make no mistake about it, this brand mean business and are ready to compete with the best of them.

From protein to creatine, Dorian Yates offers something for each and every single one of you, regardless of your physique and training goals. Your previous personal bests will become a thing of the past and any training plateaus and obstacles will quickly be removed. If you work hard in the gym then you deserve a supplement which is willing and capable to do the same for you; Dorian Yates supplements offer this and so much more.

One supplement from this incredible range is the Formass. This has been created and developed for athletes who are seeking to enhance their daily intake of both quality carbohydrates and proteins. Not only will this allow you to preserve body weight and muscle mass but it will allow you to build upon your foundations. What more could you really ask for?

Behind Dorian Yate’s previous experience and expertise and a laboratory full of world class scientists, Formass has been carefully formulated, using nothing but the best ingredients from the finest sources. You won’t find any cheap fillers or sugars within a million miles of this super supplement.

With each and every serving you are obtaining 25g of the finest protein money can buy. This isn’t your bog standard whey protein, this is tempro cold temperature processed and diversified protein captured in a blend like none other. If that simply wasn’t enough then also added is a healthy serving of low glycaemic, branched chain carbohydrates, medium chain triglycerides, digestive enzymes and a portion of fibre. Absolutely everything has been considered with this extensive ingredients list.

Not only will this supplement allow you to fully recover and replenish your stores following an intense training session and allow you to lay down lean muscle mass like never before, but it tastes great too. Available in numerous flavours, Formass blends easily and will have you feeling like you’re enjoying a milkshake on a cheat day; it really is that good.

So there you have Formass from Dorian Yates; the super supplement that serves to provide you with quality servings of protein and carbohydrates to allow for a full growth and recovery process. If you’re serious about your training then you simply have to have this product in your training bag. Isn’t it time you purchased your supply today? If it’s good enough for 6 time Mr Olympia then it’s good enough for anyone!

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (75g):
Total Calories: 340
Protein: 25g
Total Carbohydrates: 44g
Fat: 7g
Sodium: 390mg
Potassium: 170mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, add 4 scoops of Formass to cold water and mix to the desired consistency. Drink immediately.

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