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Cytosport Complete Casein

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Size: 908g Average Servings: 30
Key Benefits
  • Slow Release Protein Blend
  • Available in several delicious flavours
  • Mixes easily and tastes great
  • Provides 25g of protein with each serving
  • Anti catabolic, slow digesting protein formula
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Cytosport Complete Casein Description

Cytosport as a company and a brand really need no introduction. Here at FitnessBeans we thought we’d give them one anyway. Since establishing themselves in the health and fitness industry they have really gone from strength to strength and can be considered a force to be reckoned with. It’s just one of the reasons that some of the so called bigger brands are constantly looking over their shoulders.

In their relentless approach to be the best, Cytosport and their team of expert scientists have been churning out quality supplement after quality supplement. Regardless of your training goal or physique, this brand will have something to guide you every step of the way. They won’t be content until every corner of the health and fitness globe has been covered.

One product already proving an instant success from their extensive range is that of Complete Casein. Casein can be considered a slow release protein supplement with each and every serving providing 25g of the finest, anti catabolic, slow digesting protein known to man. Due to it’s make up and ability to slowly release protein, this supplement is ideal to consume as a pre bedtime snack to see you through until the morning.

The complete digestion rate of this supplement is approximately 4-6 hours. This allows for a drip feed approach of protein to your active muscles and ensures they never have to go without. It consistently provides you with a source of high amino acids, meaning that the likelihood of you entering a catabolic state is almost eliminated.

If all that wasn’t enough, Complete Casein from Cytosport also includes a patented digestive enzyme complex which allows for a more efficient and more effective utilization and absorption of the protein on offer. This supplement is a must for anyone looking to increase their protein intake.

If you train hard then you deserve a supplement which is willing to work just as hard for you and your physique. With Cytosport and Complete Casein this is exactly what you get. The importance of protein simply cannot be denied, especially if you are looking to make real gains in your physique and performance levels. It allows for adequate growth and recovery as well as the laying down of lean muscle mass.

Complete Casein is not only incredibly effective but it tastes amazing too. Available in several delicious flavours, it blends effortlessly with either water or milk and won’t leave you feeling bloated or uncomfortable. Absolutely nothing has been left to chance with this product.

So there you have Complete Casein from Cytosport; one of the most efficient and effective slow release protein supplements on this planet. If you’re looking to enhance your intake of quality proteins and develop effectively then it’s important to take on slow release proteins and this is where supplements such as this can prove invaluable. Why not purchase your supply today and reap the benefits on offer tomorrow.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (31g):
Total Calories: 110
Protein: 25g
Total Carbohydrates: 1g
Fat: 0g
Sodium: 190mg
Potassium: 210mg

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, mix one scoop in approximately 300–350ml of cold water.

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