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Bulk Powders Complete Mass

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Size: 2.5kg Average Servings: 18
Key Benefits
  • All You Need To Promote Mass Gains
  • All you need to promote real mass gains
  • Available in 3 delicious flavours
  • 40g of protein per serving
  • 538Kcal with each and every shake
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Available At: Bulk Powders. Click To See More Info FREE UK Next Day Delivery on orders over £45. Order before 4pm for next working day delivery.
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Bulk Powders Complete Mass Description

Since establishing themselves, Bulk Powders have gone from strength to strength and now offer a range of supplements which are simply unrivalled. Everything you could possibly ever want and more is provided through their incredible range of supplements. It is just one of the reasons why they are considered an elite supplier to the UK.

From protein to creatine, weight loss to weight gain, Bulk Powders offer something for everyone. Regardless of your physique or end fitness goal, this company and brand have the ability to take your training to a new level and smash through anything that stands in your way. They really are that good!

If all this wasn’t enough, Bulk Powders are also reasonably priced. Not only do you get quality but quantity too; now who said you had to choose? By keeping their overheads low, Bulk Powders have managed to make sensible business decisions which have allowed them to give back to the consumer. You might not get the flashiest packaging, but how does this really help when you’re lying on a bench starring at a heavy bar! Bulk Powders make a difference where it matters most; in their key ingredients list.

One product which is already a huge success is their complete mass. As the name suggests, this supplement is all about providing you with everything you need and more to put on real mass and size in the gym. Complete mass is a calorie dense weight gainer; aimed at those who struggle to add real size or those you simply want a fuller physique. This is hugely helped by the fact that with each and every serving you are taking on over 500Kcal.

So what else is included in this super supplement? For starters you are receiving 40g of the finest protein money can buy. This comes from various sources, including whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg white powder. This incredible blend provides both fast and slow release proteins and ensures that your muscles never have to go without.

Also included is a whooping 66g of quality slow release carbohydrates. This will provide you with a sustained energy source as well as replenishing your glycogen stores ready for another bout in the gym. It also allows for a regulated blood sugar level.

Complete mass by Bulk Powders is absolutely brimming full of active ingredients. Besides the healthy servings of protein and creatine, the inclusion of amino acids glutamine and leucine ensure the formula is fortified and allows for an environment where anabolism is promoted and muscular catabolism is reduced.

If all this just wasn’t enough and you’re an individual that always wants more, then the amazing taste of this shake should seal the deal. Available in three delicious flavours and mixing easily with water or milk, this product really does taste too good to be true.

So there you have Complete Mass from Bulk Powders; the only way to pack on real size and mass. If you struggle to gain weight or just simply want to enhance your physique then why not purchase your very own supply today. This really does possess all you need to boost your physique and more.

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (135g):
Energy: 2254kj
Kcal: 538
Protein: 40.3g
Carbohydrate: 66.4g
Fat: 8.9g
Fibre: 8g

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

To consume, mix 135g in 400ml of water or milk.

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