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BSN Epozine-02 NT

2.0 out of 5.0
Size: 180 Capsules Average Servings: 60
Key Benefits
  • Anabolic Volumizer
  • Promotes muscle vascularity and pumps
  • Easy to consume capsule format
  • Enhances aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • Increases muscular hypertrophy whilst reducing catabolism
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BSN Epozine-02 NT Description

BSN Epozine-02 NT , 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

BSN as a company and a brand really need no introduction; here at FitnessBeans we thought we’d give them one anyway. Since establishing themselves they have gone from strength to strength and offer a range of supplements which are simply second to none. Make no mistake about it, this brand means business.

Regardless of your physique or end training goal, BSN and their elite range of supplements offer something for absolutely everyone. Your previous personal bests will become a thing of the past as you continue to strive forwards and realise your goals.

One product from their extensive range is that of Epozine-02 NT. This product has been made available in an easy to consume capsule format and can be considered a revolutionary new anabolic mediator and ergogenic plasma volumizer. Although the scientific terminology may appear complex, it is designed to promote both performance and endurance amongst other things, allowing you to make the most of your training.

Further benefits of Epozine-02 NT also include blood volumizing plasma expansion and significant increments in your ability to lay down lean muscle mass. This is by no means a definitive list; the advantages of this supplement are seemingly endless. Ultimately, this product is an athlete’s dream answer to muscle growth and expansion.

Epozine-02 NT from BSN really is ahead of the game and can be considered revolutionary from every single aspect. It has the ability to unlock so many doors both physiologically and physically, allowing you to achieve your training goals whilst taking your physique and performances to the next level.

In addition to the primary benefits listed above, this product has also been proven to allow the user to experience all day vascularity, muscle density and pumps like never before. Due to its ability to rapidly reform ATP, the body’s energy source during intense training sessions, your ability to enhance muscular growth, strength and endurance will also be promoted, meaning that the feeling of enhanced size and mass will be a real one, experienced day in day out.

Not only will you experience gains and benefits within a gym setting, you should also notice significant increments during the recovery and resting phases of your training. Through enhancing your maximal oxygen consumption levels, increasing the working capacity of your muscle tissues and fighting against muscular catabolism, you will find yourself recovering at an accelerated rate, ready to do it all over again the next day. This product really does cover it all and more from every angle.

Once again BSN have managed to set the health and fitness world alight with this truly awesome anabolic volumizer. Epozine-02 NT offers the user so much through its potent blend of truly incredible ingredients. All that’s required from you, besides putting work in at the gym, is to consume the capsules three times per day.

So there you have it, Epozine-02 NT from BSN; a revolutionary supplement which simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. With all of the benefits on offer, can you really afford to train without it?

Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving (3 Capsules):
Niacin: 12 mg
Folate: 30 mcg
Nitros 10: 2.4 g

FitnessBeans Suggested Use

For Persons Under 200 Lbs: As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets 3 times per day on an empty stomach.

For Persons Over 200 Lbs: as a dietary supplement, take 4 tablets 3 times per day on an empty stomach.

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