When it comes to weight training and supplements, it’s almost impossible to have a conversation with anyone without mentioning the words whey, protein and powder. Of course, there are other supplements which are just as deserving of this attention, but the simple fact of the matter is that you must consume adequate protein within your daily diet to achieve any real noticeable gains.

Protein can be considered the building block from which all life exists. Without turning this article into a biology lecture, protein is required for not only muscular mass and growth but repair and recovery also. Quite simply, if your protein intake does not meet your protein requirements then you will never recognise your true weight training goals. Additional problems such as muscular catabolism and musculoskeletal injuries may also result.

These are the reasons why whey protein powder and other protein supplements have become so popular and in demand within the health and fitness industry. When it comes to whey protein powder most individuals will consume this in the form of a shake, with variation achieved by alternating between water and milk, depending on your nutritional requirements. If you’re consuming 2-3 protein shakes throughout the day, each and every day, even with the array of brands and flavours available, this can soon become a chore some and tedious task.

Worry not because here at FitnessBeans we’re about to give you a quick and simple alternative to your protein shake dilemma, in the form of whey protein powder pancakes. Not only will this provide you with some variation and a new protein recipe, but hopefully it’ll get those creative juices flowing and the master chef within you will be unleashed!

Inspirational Ideas For Your Protein Pancakes

We’ll commence with the easiest pancake recipe available to you. This recipe is even simpler than the traditional pancakes you’d make every Shrove Tuesday! To produce, simply take 2 scoops of your whey protein powder and mix in with water until you achieve a consistency which is similar to that of pancake mix. Then pour into a heated non stick pan and prepare just as you would a normal pancake. Turn halfway through cooking and ensure the middle is still slightly moist to avoid making them too dry. There you have it, high protein pancakes with virtually no carbohydrates and a nice alternative to those monotonous shakes.

If you think the above recipe is just too simple for you then why not try mixing your whey protein powder in with egg whites. Match every scoop you add with an egg white and mix together thoroughly before again cooking in a non stick pan. The addition of egg whites to the mixture provides a lighter, more satisfying taste than the above recipe.

If you easily master the above two recipes and still desired further variation then why not try experimenting with additional flavourings such as cinnamon or adding whole oatmeal into the pancake mixture. The options really are endless, including utilising non flavoured whey protein powder and opting for a savoury pancake alternative.

Final Word

Make the most of your whey protein powder! If you’re anything like me, then a protein shake first thing in the morning can be a little overwhelming at times. Instead, why not experiment with the above pancake recipe variations and create an enjoyable meal or snack.

Don’t let it end with pancakes either, experiment in the kitchen and see what you can think up. Let your imagination know no limits, and when you do come up with a delicious dish then be sure to share it with the FitnessBeans team and readers by commenting below. Ready, steady, cook!