The Triceps muscle is situated on the rear of the upper arm and directly opposes the Biceps muscle. The Triceps can be worked independently to add size and strength to the upper arm region or worked alongside bigger muscle groups such as the chest and shoulders complex.

The Triceps Overhead Barbell Extension

One brilliant exercise to put your Triceps to the test and to work them optimally during an exercise is through the overhead barbell extension. This exercise initially places the Triceps region on stretch and towards its outer range before even producing the desired movement. As a result, this places different exercise emphasis on the muscular region compared to alternative exercises such as cable extensions and dips.

The Triceps overhead barbell extension utilises free weights so you should not attempt this exercise if you’re a novice or you don’t consider your Triceps region to have base foundation strength. The overhead load element also increases the health and safety required to perform this exercise effectively and efficiently.

With all that said and done let’s move onto the exercise itself. To perform you need to select a correctly loaded barbell to enable you to perform your desired repetitions. Dumbbells can be utilised to add variation to the lift, but for this example a barbell will be demonstrated.

How To Execute
  1. Position the barbell overhead holding it with a narrow overhand grip.
  2. To commence the movement lower the forearms by bending at the elbows.
  3. Your elbows should remain overhead at all times.
  4. At the bottom of the movement pause for a moment before reversing the process.
  5. Start to raise the forearms by extending at the elbows.
  6. Extend your forearms until overhead. This is one repetition.
The Triceps Overhead Barbell Extension Video

Further variation can be added by completing the exercise standing with no other form of support. This enhances the demand placed on the core region and will require a rigid base from which you can produce the movement.

Any unwanted movement can result in serious injury so ensure that swaying in your lower back is prohibited. As the resistance is moving directly above your head, also ensure that you can lift the load you have selected and where possible have a spotter on standby in case you should get into difficultly.

Final Word

The Triceps overhead barbell extension really is an exercise to test your Triceps region. The stretch created through the exercise positioning and the unorthodox movement required to complete the repetition really can bring about phenomenal enhancements like never before. Not only that but you should notice an enhancement in both your chest and shoulder workouts too. It really is a win-win situation.