Who enjoys the finer things in life? Who wouldn’t stop in a hotel unless it had been awarded a minimum of 5 stars or dine in a restaurant unless it had received Michelin recognition? There’s nothing wrong with life’s luxuries, but there is definitely a time and a place.

Allow me to paint you a picture; you’re looking to gain real strength and size so you join a health and leisure club. You receive a towel on arrival, there’s a beautiful café overlooking the gardens and the changing rooms offer complementary hand and body lotion. On entering the gym everything is immaculate and each piece of cardio equipment has a flat screen built in. Ok, now read back through that list and tell me how many of those benefits will actually help you achieve real strength and size?

Health and fitness leisure clubs are perfect for the average person but often fall short on the things that matter, such as equipment! If you require 60kg dumbbells do you really want to compromise with 38kg dumbbells just because it’s got a nice restaurant attached to it?

At this point you need to ask yourself; do I want to be an average person?

For those of you that are serious about your training and want to take it to another planet yet alone another level, please can I introduce to you The Warehouse Gym.

The Warehouse Gym

Situated close the Leicester City Centre, The Warehouse Gym as its name suggest is situated in a disused warehouse and is a place where all of your training needs are answered. They may not be able to offer you beautiful landscapes but they can offer you the things that matter; every single piece of kit you could possibly imagine!

As soon as you enter the building you feel like the best training session you’ve ever had is just around the corner. From the graffiti on the walls to the all inspiring captions and pictures, this set-up is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

As you walk through into the main lifting room it just gets more and more impressive. The free weights in the corner go way beyond the normal 50kg and the amount of available weight plates and benches means you never have to wait to get on any kit.

Thinking outside the box has taken on a new meaning with this place. As you continue to look around you can see numerous boxing bags mounted from the wall as well as a boxing ring to offer sparing facilities. Close by is a matted area which could house anything from abdominal workouts to martial arts should you required. There’s also a set of Olympic rings hanging from the ceiling allowing for phenomenal back and shoulder exercises amongst other things.

This really is a weightlifter’s heaven. There wasn’t a single piece of equipment I could think of that wasn’t included within this setup. After an intense chest and back workout with a colleague, I couldn’t leave without first seeing the infamous dungeon region.

This region really did blow my mind! From sledge hammers to tyre lifts, atlas stone’s to sledge pulls this again further reiterated the intensions of The Warehouse Gym to stay ahead of their competition and would have made for an incredible strong man competition or intense circuit. As if all that wasn’t enough, there was a car deliberately placed in the Dungeon just waiting to be lifted. Before leaving I had to dead-lift the car. It would have been rude not to!

Final Word

So there you have it, The Warehouse Gym. I really do have to take my hat off to those associated with this place, they have managed to create an environment and vision which is simply second to none.

Never have I left a gym before having had such an intense session and being so impressed with all on offer. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be going back real soon!