Do your abdominals need a challenge? Do you tend to somewhat neglect the needs of your abdominal musculature and put them through the same monotonous routine that you were given when you initially joined the gym all those years ago? If you can answer yes to these questions then continue to read on because not only do we have a new abdominal and core exercise for you to take away with you, but here at FitnessBeans we believe this is one of the most intense and difficult abdominal exercises that you will ever experience.

It’s important to remember that the abdominal muscle group is just like any other muscle group in your body – it needs to be constantly pushed and tested in order to continue developing. You wouldn’t keep the same old tiresome chest routine for years upon years, so don’t subject your abdominals to it either!

So let’s progress with the main purpose of this article. Without further ado, we introduce to you the treadmill pike up.

The Treadmill Pike Up

Previously, you might have heard of the pike, you might even have heard of the exercise ball pike but with the treadmill pike up, we really are switches things up for you and your abdominals a notch or ten! So what’s required of you to successfully perform this exercise? Firstly, you need a treadmill. This may seem somewhat strange, but the belt of the treadmill is required for the offering of resistance during this exercise.

How To Perform

To complete the treadmill pike up perform the following:

  1. Initially ensure that the treadmill is switched off.
  2. Position yourself into a press-up position with your feet placed on the treadmill belt.
  3. Ensure that your lower limbs are hovering above the treadmill belt from the waist down.
  4. Drive your hips upwards by moving your feet towards your hands.
  5. Ensure that both feet maintain contact with the treadmill throughout this.
  6. Ensure throughout the movement that your legs and back are rigid and straight.
  7. At the top of the movement slowly reverse the actions and return to start position.
  8. This is one repetition.
Treadmill Pike Up Video

The Final Word

When performed correctly, the treadmill pike up is one of the toughest, most disciplined abdominal exercises available that will quite simply work your abdominals and core to the extreme.

If you’re looking to shock your torso and really make it work then there’s not many better exercises to achieve your goal than this. Why not give it a go next time you have abdominals scheduled into your routine and let us know how you get on.