We all live in a body conscious society and nowadays whether you like to admit it or not, physical attributes and image does matter. We also live in a society where almost everything is dictated by both time and money. Sometimes these factors can clash and cause conflict.

For example, you would love to go to the gym regularly to develop a more toned physique, however the 12 hour shifts you work and your lack of available finances means that your local health and leisure resort is simply too much.

This is a situation facing many at present, and if you choose to believe what you read, it’s likely to get worse before it gets better! So what other options are available to the individual with a hectic lifestyle and little spare cash? The simple answer is to create your own gym. By making the most of the great outdoors and body weight exercises, you are still able to push yourself and achieve developments.

One exercise used to develop both the chest and triceps region is the push-up. This exercise utilises body weight and doesn’t require any fancy, expensive equipment either. Variations can also be brought about by adding an incline or decline through the use of furniture. The only problem with the traditional push-up is that is can become quite easy to complete.

The Diamond Push-Up

So what alternatives do you have? Step forward the diamond push-up. The diamond push-up is a variation from the traditional push-up which places more emphasis on your triceps region. Not only that, but by simply altering your hand positioning, the entire dynamics and difficulty of the exercise is manipulated like you wouldn’t believe. So what is required of you?

How To Execute
  1. Position yourself on the floor, resting on your hands and feet.
  2. Place your hands together so that your fingers and thumbs join to make a diamond.
  3. Maintain your body in a straight line throughout.
  4. To commence, bend at your elbows and allow your body to lower.
  5. Lower until your chin, chest and quads touch the floor.
  6. At this position, push back up by straightening at your elbow region.
  7. This is one repetition. Repeat until desired repetitions performed.
The Diamond Push-Up Exercise Video

Throughout the exercise ensure that you maintain a rigid core and do not allow yourself to drop in the torso region.

Final Word

That is the diamond push-up. So whether you’re currently undertaking home exercise sessions or are just looking for a new exercise to keep your muscles guessing in the gym, why not add it to your chest or triceps routine and see how you get on. You really will be surprised when comparing it to the traditional push-up.