When it comes to the topic of hot supplements, those which enable muscular pump and size seem to grab all of the attention. This is fine in theory, but sometimes with all the hype surrounding growth products like pre-workout and creatine supplements, other, just as if not more so, important supplements can be overlooked and omitted. One supplement which could potentially fall into that category is Glutamine.

Glutamine is an amino acid responsible for exerting its effects on your immune system, digestive tract and other bodily related functions. It also directly impacts your muscular system. Amino acids can be broken down into 2 types; essential and non essential. Essential amino acids are those which your body cannot produce. Conversely, non essential amino acids are those which can be produced by your body, provided your body receives a well balanced, high protein diet you should be able to satisfy these needs. Glutamine is considered a non essential amino acid.

So if Glutamine levels can be attained through a balanced high protein diet why is it even considered as a supplement? Good question! Previous research has identified that during physical activity such as endurance sports and weight lifting the levels of Glutamine within your body can be heavily depleted. Infection and illness has also been shown to cause similar depletion levels. Therefore, supplementing with additional Glutamine ensures that these levels are constantly replenished and maintained, allowing a level of protection to the body.

Glutamine is an inexpensive supplement, which can be purchased independently and added to your dietary regime to speed up muscular recovery whilst maintaining your immune system at optimal levels. Lets face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than loosing training time because you feel run down and lousy!

So how can you make Glutamine work for you and successfully enroll it into your daily dietary regime? As with other supplements, such as protein, Glutamine can be taken at certain times to exert maximal effects. Please utilize the following as a guideline only:

Supplementing With Glutamine
  • Pre-workout: Take 5g Glutamine prior to your workout. This will enable your muscle cells to commence the repair process whilst simultaneously increasing muscle cell volume.
  • During your workout: Take 10g Glutamine within your water throughout your workout. This can reduce muscular catabolism whilst maintaining cell hydration.
  • Post-workout: Take 5-10g Glutamine on ceasing your workout. This can be added to your protein shake and will prevent muscular catabolism and enhance anabolic effects.
  • Prior to bedtime: Take 5-10g Glutamine approx 1 hour prior to going to bed. Deep sleep is where your best recovery takes place and Glutamine will boost growth hormone levels.
Final Word

If you find yourself taking longer than usual to recover from bouts of exercise, or constantly feel run down and under performing, then potentially your levels of this vital non essential amino acid could have been impacted. If this is the case then adding Glutamine supplements to your daily diet and following the above guidelines could have you back on track in no time.

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