When you think of resistance band exercises do you think of young, active and physically toned individuals or do you tend to think of their older, sedentary and out of shape counterparts? If it’s the latter then you’re probably not alone, however this doesn’t mean that your views are necessarily correct.

For some reason, resistance bands have been stigmatized and associated with the injured, weak and elderly for far too long which has often resulted in their usage being overlooked. Although resistance bands are frequently utilised by patients following injury and operations as rehabilitation methods, they’re also used by top class athlete’s day in day in to build strength, endurance and flexibility.

Here at FitnessBeans, we believe that resistance bands have missed out on the respect and recognition they deserve for far too long so we’re here to try and readdress this balance. This article considers the potential benefits of resistance bands to your workout regime.

The Benefits Of Resistance Bands
Cost Effective

In a society where nearly everyone is trying and cut back and save those pennies, how many of you can actually afford expensive health club memberships or expensive pieces of gym kit in your home? Resistance bands are extremely inexpensive and come in an array of shapes and resistances to suit even the strongest of us.

Can Be Taken Anywhere

If you’ve got a long day at the office or are going away for a few days then it can be difficult to pack a suitcase full of dumbbells to use when you finally get a break! The same can’t be said for resistance bands. These bands can literally be taken and stored anywhere which means you’ll never be too far away from your next workout.

Incredible Exercise Variation

Unlike many pieces of gym equipment which are often exercise or muscle group specific, resistance bands offer the opportunity to emphasis and target almost any exercise in your body. This can range from chest and arm muscles in your upper body to thigh and calf muscles in your lower body. The options are well and truly endless!

Convinced yet by resistance bands? If you’re still not sure about their effectiveness or are sitting on the fence with them still, allow us to throw several more benefits your way in an attempt to win you over. If you’re training for a particular sport then the ability to use a resistance band may further appeal to you. One of the flaws associated with machine weights is that they only work in specific planes of motion and don’t mimic sport specific actions. With resistance bands you have the opportunity to move in all planes and make the exercises as specific as you desire. It’s truly incredible for sports such as football, basketball, golf and tennis to name but a few.

The resistance bands also work alongside the active muscle. During the early phase of a movement they offer less resistance than during the mid point and end phases of any given exercise. This mimics the muscle and allows for additional resistance as the muscle moves into a range which it is considered stronger. This is a completely different scenario to a dumbbell for example, which offers the same resistance at any given point in a movement.

Final Word

Have we managed to alter your mindset on resistance bands yet? Do you believe they have the potential to feature to your future workouts? Remember, similarly to other pieces of resistance equipment, resistance bands have the ability to cater for the novice to the elite. Don’t be fooled and allow yourself the impression that a resistance band will be too easy for you. Ultimately, alongside the right band resistance and exercise selection you still have the recipe for an incredible workout.