When it comes to weight training there are numerous ways to take your training to the next level. Some individuals opt for supplements to enhance their performance ability whilst others may find the boost they’re looking for through the simple additional of an mp3 player and a set of headphones. The option of a personal trainer is also now becoming more popular in an attempt to achieve maximal performances and optimal gains.

The idea of having a personal trainer for some individuals might seem intimidating, with that stereotypical image of a muscular individual screaming at you constantly throughout your session in an attempt to get you to lift 5kg more for one more repetition! For others, this might be exactly what you need and can be considered the missing link to your perfect training session.

So how good are personal trainers and what can they add to your workout? Let us start with the former. As with everything in life, the ability of a personal trainer can vary drastically. It is important to find an individual that you trust and that you can form a working relationship with. Shop around, if the individual is offering a free taster session then why not jump on board and see what you think. Remember though, it’s important that your goal matches their specialist field; there’s no point hiring an individual who knows it all about weight loss if you’re ultimately looking to add strength and size to your physique! Now let us move onto the potential benefits of working with a personal trainer.

The Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer
Good Form:

A personal trainer will educate you on how to perform each and every exercise efficiently and effectively. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of developing bad techniques whilst at the same time reducing injury potential, but you will also be getting the most out of your exercise each and every time you perform it. In addition to enhancing your training sessions, it will also develop your confidence to perform these exercises again, even if your personal trainer is not present.

Individualized Workout:

Have you ever tried to ask for a free workout program from your gym? Often the problem with this is that none of your needs are taken into account and you receive the same exercises and prescription as everyone else. With a personal trainer you have the ability to cater the regime to your exact requirements and because they should know your goals and fitness state inside out, their ability to get it right and prescribe the perfect plan becomes much more attainable.

Goal Setting:

A personal trainer will be able to help you define your goals, whether short or long term, and put markers in place to assess your progress along the way. Often the SMARTER acronym is used to ensure your goals are specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, timely, exciting and reevaluated. Not only that but a personal trainer can also act as a spotter throughout your sessions, so you can try exercises or weights that you wouldn’t normally attempt whilst training on your own.


Are you an individual that needs to be constantly monitored and pushed in order to achieve more? If you answered yes to this question then a personal trainer might be just for you. Not only will they strive you to achieve more simply by being in their presence, but the ability to cut short a session or even skip it becomes that little bit harder when you have someone waiting for you at the gym! Quite simply, you will never be short of any motivation for future exercise sessions.

Final Word

Are you sold on the idea of having a personal trainer yet? Good form, an individualized workout, goal setting and motivation are just a few of the factors that an effective personal trainer can add to your workout. It could just be the best investment you ever make.