For those of you that undertake regular exercise, you’ll understand the importance of obtaining necessary protein levels within your daily diet. Protein is of vital importance for muscular growth and strength as well as recovery and repair. It really is the building block from which to develop your physique and your training.

One food type high in protein is eggs. One large egg contains approximately 6g of protein and can help towards your daily requirements. The protein itself is found within the actual egg white as opposed to the yolk. So if you ever wondered why people at your gym were drinking egg whites or talking about separating the white and the yolk, then it is for this reason.

The yolk itself is not all bad, so don’t get overly concerned if you’ve not been separating your eggs out. The yolk is considered high in both fat and cholesterol and is the reason it is sometimes omitted from an individual’s diet. It is however rich in vitamin B and other vitamins, so there is a trade off which will ultimately depend on your dietary demands.

If you do eat eggs regularly then why not try limiting your egg yolks to provide a purer protein source without the additional fat and cholesterol content. For example, if your breakfast routine consists of 4 eggs, then why not remove 3 of the yolks and just have one. Alternatively, if you consume hard boiled eggs as a high protein snack, then why not simply peel and eat the white content before disposing of the hardened yolk. If you’re serious about your diet and you’ve not done this before then it’s definitely ‘food’ for thought! We simply couldn’t go an entire article without a food related pun here at FitnessBeans!

So apart from the high protein content in egg whites and vitamin B content in the yolk itself, what else are eggs good for?

The Benefits Of Eggs

The vitamin B mentioned above which is found in egg yolks is called Choline. Choline amongst other things can assist in reducing long term inflammation. Previous research has demonstrated the ability of a rich egg diet in individuals with chronic inflammation, resulting in up to 20 reductions compared to a placebo group.

Weight Loss

The high protein content found within eggs has also been linked to significant weight loss. Simply by switching your breakfast selection from cereals which are often carbohydrate and sugar loaded to a daily diet of eggs can result in both weight loss and appetite suppression. This is again supported through controlled research investigations.

Although important decisions regarding partial or full egg consumption and cooking methods require some consideration, the benefits of eggs simply cannot be disputed. With key benefits including protein delivery, inflammation reduction and weight loss it’s easy to see why they feature heavily in the diets of individuals such as weightlifters and bodybuilders.

Final Word

If you’re looking for an alternative high protein snack or just fancy a change from cereal for breakfast day in day out, why not try filling your fridge with eggs and make that change today. It could be egg-actly what your body and your training require to get to that next level!