Let’s be honest, when you first sign up to a gym with the intention of undertaking resistance training to develop strength and/ or size, the standard of assistance is not always available to guide you through this initial transition period. Unless you’re already clued up and gym savvy, this is easily result in you walking aimlessly around the gym, trying to workout how the equipment works whilst at the same time attempting to remain discreet!

This scenario can easily make individuals feel uncomfortable and result in them missing out on the opportunity of undertaking a decent workout or even worse still, marking a premature end to their gym experience and cancelling their membership. Here at FitnessBeans we recognise the importance of guidance and support when starting out, so we’ve put together a simplistic yet effective regime to set you off on the right foot.

This workout plan contains only machine based exercises as the last thing you want to worry about when starting out is heavy dumbbells dropping onto your head! Don’t worry you’ll have that to come as your training career progresses! This workout plan also contains exercises that will target every single major muscle in the upper and lower body, so even if you can only attend the gym once or twice a week, you can rest assured that no muscles are missing out.

Before moving onto the exercises themselves, let us consider your exercise prescription. Throughout you will be looking to achieve the following;

  • 12 repetitions per exercise.
  • 3 sets per exercise.
  • Approximately 30-60 seconds rest and recovery between exercise sets.

For each exercise we will provide a brief description of what is required of you as well as a demonstration video. This will allow you to be able to identify the required equipment on attending the gym and give you the confidence to dive straight in;

The Beginner’s Workout Guide
Chest Exercise – Chest Press

To perform sit on the seat with your chest just above the handle region. Select the appropriate resistance and grasp the designated grips. Push out until arms are extended before returning.

Back Exercise – Lateral Pulldown

To commence grasp the bar with a wide grip whilst placing your thighs under the supports. Pull down the bar in front of you to your upper chest region before slowly returning.

Shoulder Exercise – Shoulder Press

To initiate this exercise sit on the seat and grasp the designated grips either side. Select an appropriate load. Press the lever upwards until arms are almost extended. Return and repeat.

Biceps Exercise – Rope Cable Curl

To perform place the rope at the bottom and grasp the rope in both hands. Stand facing the pulley with elbows to the side. Raise the rope until your forearms are vertical before lowering.

Triceps Exercise – Cable Pushdown

To commence place the cable attachment at the top and grasp with both hands. Stand facing the pulley with elbows to the side. Extend arms downwards before slowly returning.

Quadriceps Exercise – Leg Extension

To initiate this exercise sit on the machine with back against support. Place your lower legs under the padded region. Extend your legs until straight before returning by bending knees.

Hamstrings Exercise – Leg Curl

To perform sit on the seat with your back against padded support. Place your lower legs on top of the padded region. Flex your knees until bent before returning to the start position.

Calf Exercise – Standing Calf Raise

To commence place your shoulders underneath padded bars. Position your feet with your arches and heels off the platform. Raise your heels as high as possible through your ankles.

Final Word

This here marks the end of your exercise workout. We hope you enjoy the experience. This program allows five major muscle groups within your upper body and three major muscles within your lower body to be isolated and targeted through their own unique exercises.

This beginner’s workout should be followed for approximately 4-6 weeks, making improvements in the resistance shifted where possible. Following this initial period, modifications in your program can be introduced, including the use of free weights and further exercise variation. Why not get started and take your first step in your weight lifting career.