When it comes to weight training and target muscle regions that individuals most want to enhance, the chest region always seems to be somewhere near the top of the list. It might have something to do with impressing the fairer sex and the fact that the chest is part of the beach muscles which also, funnily enough, includes the back, arms and abdominals.

Regardless of your reasons for working this muscle region, one of the key exercises to target this area and gain considerable enhancements in both strength and size is through an exercise commonly referred to as the chest press.

This exercise is available is machine and free weight form and involves a pressing movement, hence the name. Further variations can also be achieved by utilising dumbbells and barbells and positioning the bench in an inclined, flat or declined position.

Enough variation for you? No we didn’t think so! If you constantly find yourself working the same variations as highlighted above as part of your chest workout then it could be time for a change. With all this in mind it’s time to introduce the single dumbbell chest press.

Single Dumbbell Chest Press

The single dumbbell chest press involves utilising only one side of your chest region at a time, whilst the opposite side remains stationary. Simply by losing a dumbbell and working one side at a time you can bring about several advantages which weren’t previously present.

For starters, working each side independently means that you’re spending twice as long on any given exercise. This enhances your actual overall time spent exercising and will therefore increase metabolic demand.

Unilateral training will also highlight muscle imbalances and weaknesses like never before. If you’ve always performed your chest workouts on machines or barbells then inherent functional weaknesses may have been hidden and as a result overlooked. There’s simply nowhere to hide with this unilateral exercise!

If all that simply wasn’t enough then this variation of training has also been scientifically proven to enhance bilateral strength, increase strength in postural and supportive muscles and develop balance and coordination in any given muscle region.

So what’s required of you during the single dumbbell chest press?

To perform this exercise lay on a bench on your back whilst grasping a suitably weighted dumbbell in one hand. Straighten your arm so that the dumbbell is in line with your shoulder region. Lower the weight by bending at the elbow region allowing your arm to move out to the side and the resistance to move towards your shoulder. At the bottom of the movement push out reversing these actions. This is one repetition. Repeat required repetitions before changing sides and repeating.

Single Dumbbell Chest Press Video

Final Word

So there you have it, the single dumbbell chest press exercise. Be aware that when working unilaterally you may require lowering the resistance initially in able to maintain good form and achieve your desired repetitions. Why not add this exercise to your chest workout and start reaping the benefits that come with unilateral training.