Many individuals, both male and female, attend the gym on a daily basis for a variety of health and fitness reasons. These include enhancing their range of motion and flexibility, cardiovascular levels, strength and physique. Regardless of the reasons, all these individuals are making a conscious effort to enhance their own personal levels of health and fitness.

Besides exercise, the other main consideration factor when pursuing a healthy lifestyle is diet and nutrition. Although a balanced diet is key, more and more individuals are turning to health and fitness related supplements to give their physique and training the boost it requires. With all this in mind and the fact that many individuals who attend the gym also supplement with various products to better themselves, it is extremely disappointing that the Government have chosen to target and penalise this vast group of individuals.

Supplement Price Increments

For those of you that were previously unaware, one outcome from the recent budget, put in place by the Chancellor’s proposals is to invoke the standard 20% rate of VAT of many sports supplements. Those included in the plans were carbohydrates, protein and creatine supplements. Previously all these products were VAT free, with the heightened rates due to come in on the 1st October 2012.

Whilst the Government seem to be underplaying the potential effects of this VAT hike, for the gym goers it could be a different story. Although a 20% increment might not sound too drastic, for each and every product(s) that would have previously cost you £50, from the 1st October 2012 you will now be required to purchase them at a cost of £60. Month after month this will eventually have an impact and when paired with the ever raising fuel bills to get to the gym and your expensive gym membership, something might have to give!

In a year where Britain has been held in such positive light over the success of the Olympics, Paralympics and various other sporting events and the Government continually reiterating their desire to cut obesity and get more individuals playing sport, it seems a huge contradiction to bring about such changes. This has obviously raised tensions in the sporting community and brought about condemnation from the UK Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance, an alliance for many of the supplement powerhouses. Not only do they believe this will cripple the once booming industry, but that individuals might also turn to cheaper, non regulated supplements in an attempt to beat the increments. This obviously brings about its own concerns and issues.

Final Word

What are your thoughts? At present there are many petitions in place, from Facebook pages to Twitter accounts, looking to amalgamate as many individuals as possible in an attempt to overturn this decision. At the time of writing this article there has been no further comment and the date of the 1st October 2012 still stands in place. If worst does come to worst then why not beat the price hike and check out our FitnessBeans shop today.