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Today we are lucky to have the guys at MyProtein contribute their knowledge and expertise to FitnessBeans. Some of the questions we get asked time and time again revolve around testosterone boosters, such as: how do testosterone boosters work? Are they legal? Do testosterone boosters work?

Well, here to answer once and for all, Ross Edgley breaks down the science behind their popular T-Matrix product, proving the worth of testosterone boosters once and for all..

T-Matrix: A Scientifically Proven Orally Active Testosterone Booster

Whilst the sports nutrition industry is full of supplements that claim to raise testosterone levels, increase protein synthesis and boost your results in the gym, few actually have scientific evidence to fully back it up. That’s why Myprotein has created T-Matrix, one of the first scientifically proven formulas to raise hormone levels and increase protein synthesis significantly.

Active Ingredient: D Aspartic Acid

The first active ingredient in Myprotein’s T-Matrix is the amino acid D Aspartic Acid. Interestingly this is one of few supplements that has been scientifically shown to increase testosterone levels in healthy young men and not castrated rats, elderly men, post-menopausal women, or men suffering from low testosterone.

Formed principally in the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and testes it plays an important role in the production of compounds associated with libido, tissue growth and the production of Luteinizing hormone. D Aspartic Acid stimulates the production of signal molecules which in turn enhance the activity in your testes as well as your pituitary gland. From an athletic perspective this allows your body to produce the compounds that help increase lean growth, strength, power and energy.

More specifically, scientists from Università di Napoli Parthenope e Fondazione in Italy found that subjects consuming D-aspartic acid supplementation for 20 days experienced improvements in testosterone levels compared to those with a placebo, concluding ‘here we demonstrated that D-aspartic acid, which occurs as a physiological compound in the mammalian pituitary and testis, has a role in the regulation of the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone.’ (Enza Topo et al 2009.) In another study, researchers provided a group of males (aged 27-37) a daily dose of 3.12 grams of D Aspartic acid for twelve consecutive days. Testosterone levels in the subjects that received the supplement had risen by 33% after the twelve days.

Active Ingredient: Beta-Ecdysterone

The second active ingredient is Beta-Ecdysterone, a naturally occurring phytochemical found in herbs or roots such as Cyanotis Vaga. Recent studies have suggested that when consumed alongside a structured weight routine, Beta-Ecdysterone can help improve lean mass without the addition of body fat by stimulating protein synthesis.

In one study conducted by B. Ya. Smetanin in 1986, 117 speed skaters were tested for work capacity, body weight, and lung capacity. Ecdysterone supplementation resulted in an increase in all of the aforementioned parameters. In another study conducted by S. Yu. Simakin, 78 highly trained athletes were either given a placebo, protein, or Ecdysterone with a protein supplement. Results were best for the group consuming Ecdysterone with a protein supplement. In this group, a 6 to 7% increase in lean muscle mass was observed after just 10 days, and fat content was reduced by an average of 10% for males.

Active Ingredient: Di Indolyl Methane

The third active ingredient is Di Indolyl Methane a naturally occurring phytonutrient that is mainly found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and sprouts, and studies have shown it has a potent ability to regulate sex hormone balance in both men.

However, despite being readily found in cruciferous vegetables, Di Indolyl Methane from food sources is often very poorly absorbed due to its extremely low solubility, and so these foods rarely exhibit more than a weak effect from the Di Indolyl Methane they contain. Supplemental forms of Di Indolyl Methane however are much more readily bioavailable, and even relatively small doses have been shown to have a significant effect.

The prime function of Di Indolyl Methane is to optimise the effects of estrogen in both sexes, and it does this by altering the way estrogen is metabolised, reducing formation of the 16-hydroxy estrogen metabolite and increasing the synthesis of 2-hydroxy estrogen. This change in the balance of metabolites results in superior libido and mood in men, reduction of the aromatization and binding of testosterone to other proteins, and exhibits protection against certain forms of cancer in both sexes.

Plus in recent studies, Di Indolyl Methane supplementation has also been identified clinically to improve certain aspects of immune function, and current trials are investigating its use to help combat hard to treat viruses such as HIV and hepatitis.

Active Ingredient: 5 Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone

The fourth active ingredient is 5 Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone, a powerful flavone that was issued a patent back in the 1970s as an anabolic agent. A Hungarian company filed the main patent as an animal feed additive. When 5-Methy-7-Methoxyisoflavone was approved for animal, this new product became a favourite among livestock producers, especially during the 80s.

In human studies Methoxy Isoflavone also showed positive results, with demonstrated increases in protein utilization – after a few weeks of use a 4.4 – 6.6lb increase of lean muscle have been reported. Furthermore, these anabolic effects also increased calcium, phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen retention to a significant degree.

Final Word

As you can see, the active ingredients within T-Matrix have each been proven to boost testosterone levels and help you gain that lean muscle mass we all strive for. MyProtein haven’t just threw together a blend and hoped for the best – T-Matrix is an effective supplement that can take your training routine, gains, strength and size to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself and let us know how you got on in the comments below…