How many of you are still seeking a pre-workout formula that does it all? There’s plenty to choose from and more and more seem to be entering the market at an alarming rate.

Whether you’re looking for an energy boost, strength increments or the ability to train for longer, there’s always a product out there that claims to be the best. How do you decide which one to spend your hard earned cash on? Here at FitnessBeans we believe MyProtein and more specifically their new product Pulse V4 could be a good starting point.

Pulse V4 is a relatively new product to the MyProtein range but is said to be their most powerful pre-workout formula to date. Besides unbelievable enhancements in energy and concentration levels, work-out pumps like never before are promised through combining some of the best known ingredients on the planet together!

MyProtein Pulse V4 Review

With the MyProtein range you know that what you see is always you get and they never ever seem to fail on their promises. So what is in Pulse V4 that stands it apart from the crowd? For starters there’s the ‘Perform and Pump’ blend, combining Creapure, AAKG, Beta Alanine, and Citrulline Malate. This pre-workout blend won’t be found elsewhere and guarantees muscular vascularity which is simply unrivalled.

The creatine inclusion will help boost ATP stores and allow you to train explosively for longer than ever before whilst the AAKG directly impacts upon nitric oxide stores and assists vascularity levels within the target muscle. Sound good so far? There’s more! The Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate inclusion allow the buffering of lactic acid and other harmful toxins to take place, enabling you to push that little bit harder for that little bit longer. One repetition can make all the difference!

It’s safe to say that if MyProtein have included it within there ingredients list then it’s there for a definitive reason. As per usual, MyProtein haven’t stopped there. Whilst other brands would be happy with just the above, MyProtein have included a unique matrix which they aptly name ‘Focus and Energy’. The blend, including common favourites Taurine and Caffeine allows for focus, energy and intensity like never before.

Even the worse salesperson in the world would struggle to not sell this product! It really is that good! What’s more is that it actually tastes like a supplement you’d want to drink too! Available in berry blast flavour and required 30 minutes prior to an intense workout, Pulse V4 won’t leave you feeling bloated or sick. We’ve tried it here at FitnessBeans HQ and we were more than impressed with its mixability, taste and overall effectiveness.

Final Word

So there you have it, the Pulse V4 from MyProtein. This really is an incredible pre-workout formula. So if you want to rid those lackluster performances or are just looking for something to take you to the next level, then Pulse V4 could be the item missing from your gym bag!