MyProtein Supplements

When it comes to health and fitness supplement manufacturers, most companies have one franchise product for which they’ve built their reputation on and utilised as a launch pad to create other products off of the back of. With MyProtein you have something a little different.

MyProtein as a company, have an incredible ethos around being the best and giving back as much as possible to the consumer, something, we at FitnessBeans have also advocated since day one. Everything they seem to touch turns to magic and their range of supplements from proteins to vitamins, energy drinks to weight control oozes success.

It’s just one of the many fantastic reasons why this company has been winning awards since day one and is considered one of the UK’s finest supplement providers.

MyProtein ONE Promilk Review

One particular MyProtein product which is deserving of some attention is their One Promilk supplement. So what’s so special about this particular product? Where do we start and how long have we got! Apart from tasting like a treat as opposed to a nutritional supplement, One Promilk is full of ingredients that will support your training and active lifestyle.

Before moving on, let us briefly consider some of these key ingredients. For starters, it contains a whooping 38g of the highest quality protein and is bursting full of BCAAs. The importance of high quality protein snacks for those undertaking regular exercise is undeniable, with it forming the foundation for musculoskeletal growth and repair.

This supplement will not only enhance lean muscular mass percentages, if taken as part of a controlled diet and planned exercise regime, it will also reduce the potential for muscular catabolism and the breaking down of muscular tissue.

One Promilk is also completely free of added sugars and artificial colourings and flavourings. When you taste it for the first time, you won’t necessarily believe the last sentence to be true, but we can assure you that only natural ingredients have made their way into this supplement!

Despite all these incredible benefits within a single supplement, there still might be a few of you who are reading this and thinking what’s the difference between this and the protein powder I already have. Good question! Apart from utilising only the finest ingredients within ONE Promilk, MyProtein have created a supplement which is convenient and ready to go.

One thing I hate about protein powder and their associated shakers is that they have the potential to be both bulky and messy. Besides this, you also have the inconvenience of having to locate a water supply before carrying around an empty and sometimes leaking shaker for the rest of the day! Sound familiar?

MyProtein have eliminated all of these problems with this supplement whilst at the same time managing to maintain quality and effectiveness. With this 330ml discreet drinks carton, equipped with its very own straw, you’ll have no problem carrying, drinking and discarding it as you please. It really is that simplistic and straight forward. No messing!

As with most milkshakes, they also come in four delicious flavours, those being; chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla. Whilst trying to remain impartial and not sway your decision in anyway shape or form, chocolate was simply irresistible! It took me back to my school days!

Final Word

So there you have it, another incredible product from MyProtein. Would you really expect anything different? ONE Promilk really is an incredible and convenient supplement. If like me, you’re an individual that eats little and often and is always on the go, then this product really is the one for you, whether consumed as a high protein snack or as part of a larger meal.