Many individuals who undertake resistance training to develop both strength and size also supplement with protein to support and enhance their dietary protein intake. Normally, protein supplements are purchased and consumed in the form of shakes which can be mixed with water or milk and drank with relative ease.

Although these shakes help achieve your daily protein requirements, they’re not without their problems and limitations. For starters, if you’re consuming 2-3 shakes per day on average then it won’t take long for you to start getting bored of their monotonous flavours. Despite the array of tastes available, when all is said and done, a shake is just a shake however you disguise it. Furthermore, some shakes, of which brands shall remain unnamed, are topped up with unnecessary ingredients and fillers which will do nothing more than increase calories and give you that bloated feeling.

Finally, shakes can be messy and cumbersome. They require you to add liquid and if you want to take it with you as a high protein snack for later, then you have to find somewhere to store your protein shaker.

Don’t get us wrong, here at FitnessBeans we’ve got nothing against protein shakes, far from it, it’s just that sometimes they don’t meet the needs and requirements of a situation. With all this in mind and the commonly known saying that variety is the spice of life, MyProtein have developed a bar packed full of protein which is both nutritious and healthy. They call it MyBar High Pro and here at FitnessBeans we’re impressed. So impressed infact, we thought we’d share our expert views and opinions with you on this high protein alternative.

MyProtein MyBar High Pro Review

For starters, each bar contains an awesome 29g of the highest quality protein to support all of your growth and recovery needs whilst also offering just over 20g of carbohydrates. Whilst the protein is ideal for developing lean muscular mass, the carbohydrate serving is perfect to give you that energy boost for when you need it most.

The ingredients list doesn’t stop there. MyProtein have also included lactospore pro-biotics to enhance digestion and improve the availability of nutrients within the bar itself. Nothing has been left to chance and with only 2.6g of sugar, it really is the perfect, wholesome snack.

Here at FitnessBeans we’ve sampled this supplement and it gets two thumbs up from us. Believe us, if we had more hands, there’d been even more thumbs being raised! It really is that good. This is helped partly by the flavours made available for purchase. These include chocolate mint, chocolate orange, forest fruit and vanilla and honeycombe with the latter winning it for us! So whether you enjoy a sweet or fruity taste, there really is something for everyone with these MyBar High Pro bars.

Final Word

So there you have it, another sensational product from MyProtein. With the MyBar High Pro you have a supplement which does it all. From its ingredients list and taste to its ease of carrying and consumption, there really is benefit after benefit with this high protein snack.

Once again, MyProtein have delivered when it matters most. So if you’re bored of protein shakes or just fancy adding some variation into your diet, then why not try MyProtein’s MyBar High Pro today.