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‘You don’t get anything for nothing’ is a commonly utilised phrase, which in this day and age (and current financial climate) is becoming more and more evident. Furthermore, there’s an additional saying indicating the existence of an exception to every rule. In MyProtein, as a company and a brand, we have this very exception. They really are a consumer’s dream. Simply by cutting out, amongst other things, the expensive advertising and unnecessary packaging, they have managed to keep their overheads relatively low. Consequently, MyProtein have been able to give back to their customers without having to skimp on quality.

So next time you hear someone saying ‘you don’t get anything for nothing’ feel free to think of MyProtein, think of this particular article and feel free educate that particular individual that sometimes you do! One of the best ways to show MyProtein’s incredible value for money and quality is through their award winning all in one supplement Hurricane XS. In fairness, we could have picked almost any of the product range to emphasise the point, from their whey protein to their creatine range, but we’ve gone with their incredible all in one.

MyProtein Hurricane XS Review

All in ones, when compared to the other supplement categories sometimes seem to fall short and receive negative reviews. The major complaint with these supplements generally, is that they contain a little bit of everything but not enough of anything. Once again, this is simply not the case with Hurricane XS. MyProtein have left nothing to chance with this supplement and the end result really does hammer home this point.

Initially, you have the inclusion of low glycemic index, slow digesting carbohydrates in the form of their ultra fine Scottish oats. These allow for a sustained release of energy over a lengthy period of time, maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing that feeling of hunger. Consequently, this product is great as both a post workout supplement and a meal replacement. This particular product offers 20g per recommended serving.

Next we move onto the protein content found within this all in one supplement. The protein chosen has been recently modified and now comes from a dual combination of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate respectively. This protein is of high biological value and provides close to a whopping 30g per recommended serving, allowing for both muscular repair and growth.

Alongside the addition of high quality carbohydrates and protein, also found within its contents is 5g of creapure creatine. Once again creapure is an advanced creatine formula, allowing for enhanced gains in lean muscular mass and strength increments accordingly.

Impressed with what you’ve heard so far? Whilst other all in one supplements might call it a day there with the three main ingredients, MyProtein have also opted to add in 1.5g of HMB which is responsible for maintaining lean muscular mass whilst at the same time preventing catabolism.


These ingredients are all well and good but what does it taste like? MyProtein have once again placed themselves at the forefront of the competition by releasing 11 different flavour variations. From unflavoured to chocolate nut to toffee, there really is something for everyone. Even if you’re the fussiest person in the world, you’d struggle to find a flavour that didn’t appeal to your taste buds!

Speaking from personal experience the toffee is a definite winner for me. What’s more is that it mixes with ease and doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth that you get with some of the alternative competitors.

Final Word

So there you have it, a brief overview of one of the premier brands and leading all in one supplements currently available on the health and fitness market. With prices at the time of writing starting from £30.49 for 2500g, it really is incredible value for money too.

All in one supplements are not for everyone and sometimes you have to purchase individual products if you’re looking for a specific requirement or outcome. Having said that, if you’re seeking an all in one supplement that doesn’t disappoint and delivers every single time, then it has to be Hurricane XS.

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