When it comes to weight training and particular muscle groups, around this time of year there always seems to be additional emphasis placed on the so called beach muscles. With individuals booking their summer holiday destinations and setting themselves a target of looking like a cover model in 6-8 weeks, the importance of chest, biceps and abdominal exercises seems to sky rocket like never before!

One problem with performing biceps exercises is that it’s easy to cheat your way through the repetitions and sets, giving false impressions that you’re achieving much more than you actually are. Not only will this lead to disappointing results in the long run, but you may also cause yourself an injury along the way.

The main problem with undertaking biceps exercises, either cable orientated or with dumbbells and barbells, is that unless you’re incredibly strict and disciplined with your workout techniques, then the likelihood of cheating your way through the exercise becomes very much apparent. Usually, this takes this form of a swinging motion during the upwards phase of the lift in which your hips are thrust forwards and the curvature in your lumbar spine is exacerbated. This rocking motion gives you added momentum, ultimately taking some effort away from the target muscle itself.

One way to avoid unwanted motion during a biceps curl is to undertake an exercise known as the biceps preacher curl. This is by no means a new exercise, but it seems one that is often neglected by individuals and overlooked during their arm workouts. So what is required of you during this exercise?

How To Perform The Biceps Preacher Curl
  1. Sit on the preacher bench, placing the back of your arms onto the padded region.
  2. Select a suitably weighted bar for which you can achieve your desired repetitions.
  3. Grasp this bar with an underhand grip and hands approximately shoulder width apart.
  4. This is the starting position.
  5. To execute the movement, raise the bar until your forearms are vertical.
  6. At the peak of the movement lower the bar until your arms are fully extended.
  7. This is one repetition. Repeat until desired repetitions are reached.
Biceps Preacher Curl Video

Most gyms nowadays will offer the preacher bench as part of their equipment range. If for whatever reason this is not available to you then you can improvise by utilising a normal bench instead. Simply incline the bench to approximately 45 degrees and crouch behind it following exactly the same rules as above. The only difference being that you will be required to utilise a dumbbell instead and target each side independently.

Remember, whichever variation you chose to undertake, the back of the upper arm should remain in contact with the padded region throughout. This will ensure that no unwanted movement creeps in during the exercise and it is the biceps muscle and the biceps muscle only that is producing the movement against resistance.

Final Word

So there you have it, the relatively straight forward and simple exercise that is the biceps preacher curl. This exercise really does eliminate any unwanted movement and ensure the biceps muscle is isolated to its fullest. For this reason and this reason alone, it should feature in each and everyone’s thoughts when selecting arm workout exercises. With that summer holiday only weeks or months away, can you really afford not to?