CrossFit Training: Coming To A Gym Near You!

Unless you’ve been living underground for the past couple of months, you probably would, at the very least, have heard the words CrossFit Training being muttered by someone at your gym. This really is a fitness phenomenon that has caught on like wild fire. Just in case you have missed it, fear not, because here at FitnessBeans we’re going to take a closer look at this fitness revelation.

The beauty of CrossFit Training is that it appears to have been designed with everyone in mind, whether you’re new to exercise or an experienced pro, young or old. It is capturing the imagination of nations by storm, and rightly so. So how can this training be tailored to everyone? In a nutshell, its design allows you to easily alter the intensity and resistance utilised by each and every person, rather than prescribing different exercises for each individual.

What Is Crossfit Training?

So what is CrossFit Training? This exercise regime can only be described as an intense exercise program in which explosive, muscular actions are repeatedly performed. These actions are undertaken using resistance such as sand bags, kettle bells, water filled apparatus and pulley type suspension designs in which the individual is expected to complete a set number of repetitions during a designated time period.

Further excitement is added as individuals compete against each other to see who can complete the required repetitions in the fastest possible times. Each and every session is varied by placing emphasis on alternative body parts, to keep you and your body guessing.

Not only is CrossFit an exciting new means of exercising, it’s also extremely efficient, effective and utilises a great deal of calories. This is due to the intense nature of the workout. Statistics have indicated that women can burn up to 120 calories in only 8 minutes whilst men have been seen to utilise up to 145.

As well as placing emphasis on your aerobic system, you also receive an incredible strength workout in which muscular hypertrophy is encouraged.

Crossfit Training Video Introduction

Final Word

In summary, CrossFit Training is an exciting, revolutionary new way of simultaneously achieving numerous fitness goals in a relatively short space of time. We here at FitnessBeans are highly impressed with the entire CrossFit Training ethos and application.

It has also caught the eye of sporting giants Reebok, who are backing the project 110% of the way. With more and more gyms opening up and down the country catering specifically for this type of training, it shouldn’t be long before you’re caught up in the CrossFit Training whirlwind either.

Crossfit Advocates - Reebok