Human Growth Hormone, or HGH as it’s more commonly referred to as, is a non steroidal hormone produced naturally by the pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone is responsible for exerting regeneration effects on the body, such as cellular growth and repair, including that of muscular tissue. As a result of these effects it has in the past been utilised illegally in major competitions by athletes looking for that cutting edge at their chosen activity. Consequently, in unnaturally high levels, Human Growth Hormone is on the banned substances list of many professional governing bodies.

Having said all that, research has identified numerous means of boosting these naturally occurring hormonal levels within the body, through a combination of diet and supplement techniques. This is not only relevant for those looking to boost their training workouts in a gym setting, but also the older individuals amongst us. Human Growth Hormone has been shown to rapidly decrease from the mid twenties onwards, with low levels hypothesised to be responsible for disturbed sleep patterns, decreased muscle mass, enhanced body fat and deterioration in both strength and mental clarity.

Increasing Your Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

Regardless of whether you’re a young gun looking of ways to optimally power and fuel your gym sessions or an individual whose age is running away with them, fear not, here at FitnessBeans we’ve compiled a list of numerous means to enhance these levels within your body. In no particular order, let’s move onto the list you’ve all been waiting for;

  • Consume only low glycemic index carbohydrates: Sugary foods which are considered high glycemic in nature cause spikes within your insulin levels. Ultimately this has a 2-fold negative effect of diminishing human growth hormone release and increasing body fat.
  • Consume a high protein, low carbohydrate bed time snack: The amino acids located in the protein will boost your human growth hormone levels whilst you sleep and the lack of carbohydrates present will reduce any inhibiting effects caused by the presence of insulin.
  • Supplement with glutamine at set times: Following the cessation of a workout or prior to going to sleep at night, 5-10g of glutamine has been shown to significantly boost human growth hormone periods during that proceeding rest period.
  • Supplement with GABA prior to going to bed: GABA, or gamma aminobutyric acid taken immediately prior to going to sleep at night has been demonstrated to increase human growth hormone levels by as much as 200%. 2-3g of GABA is all that’s required.

Listed above are 4 methods of enhancing your Human Growth Hormone levels naturally through a combination of dietary alterations and supplementing techniques. You can also boost these levels through sleep alone, with the majority of this hormone being released during the initial phases of your sleep cycle.

Final Word

Finally, previous research has also demonstrated that you can increase this hormonal level even whilst exercising. By performing higher repetitions with short rest periods and allowing lactic acid levels to gather, you can significantly enhance the production and release of Human Growth Hormone.

So if you’re looking to take your training to the next level or just want to boost these levels as you grow older, why not try implementing one or more of the suggested techniques provided within this article. There’s no time like the present!