2012 is finally upon us and as always, new years often bring new promises and resolutions. If your new year’s resolution centred around health and well being then one way to kick start this is to alter the monotonous gym routine that you’ve been meaning to change since the last time January rolled around!

If you’re a relative novice at the gym and rely on others to devise your exercise plan then what can happen – through no fault of your own – is that you quickly become forgotten and are left with the original gym programme you were prescribed on joining. A classic example of your bog standard gym programme may closely resemble the following:

  • Warm-up, including stretching.
  • Exercise bike, treadmill machine, rowing machine (10 minutes on each).
  • Resistance training consisting of 3 exercises (3 sets x 12-15 repetitions).
  • Cool down including stretching.

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with the above and it includes a balanced combination of both cardiovascular and resistance training. However, it does somewhat lack creativity and will quickly become a chore for you to undertake. What’s more is that as much as you require regular alterations in your exercise prescriptions to remain psychologically stimulated, your body requires it just as much, in order to continue to develop and progress.

FitnessBeans Training Routine To Increase Your Metabolism

If the above describes yourself and your current training predicament then fear not, because help is at hand. Here at FitnessBeans we have devised you a relatively straight forward and simple training routine to enable you to inject some metabolism boosting activity into your gym sessions.

The following is to be completed in order with approximately 30 seconds rest between exercises. For those of you that simply want more, why not try completing the circuit twice or carrying out the routine without any rest intervals:

  • Rowing machine for 500m (level 10).
  • Exercise bike for 1km (level 5-12).
  • Barbell shoulder press (15 reps) superset with bent over row (15 reps).
  • Upper body exercise bike for 0.5 km (level 7-15).
  • Barbell squats (20 reps) superset with lunges (20 reps).
  • Assisted pull-ups (15 reps) superset with press-ups (15 reps).
  • Treadmill machine for 300m (as fast as possible).
  • Rowing machine for 500m (level 10).

So there you have it, a new exercise circuit, incorporating a balance of both cardiovascular and resistance training, aimed at targeting all the major muscle groups in a relatively straight forward plan.

Remember, if you’re completing the circuit for the first time, be sure to select resistance which you can comfortably complete and aim to enhance this section of your workout with every session you undertake. The beauty of this circuit is that you can keep a running record each and every time you complete it and set targets each time you train.

Make no mistake, this is no walk in the park, but if you’re looking to blow away those cobwebs and make a positive change in 2012 this could be just the workout you’re looking for.