The title to this article really is a million dollar question and if there was a short, simple answer then we would love to share it all with you. Unfortunately, as you all probably guessed, when altering your physique and setting long term goals which include enhancing lean muscular mass percentages, there really is no absolute quick fix.

Fat loss supplements and fad diets will come and go, but at the end of the day, there’s simply no substitute for hard work, dedication and lots of determination. This article isn’t meant to be your magic wand and here at FitnessBeans we don’t claim to be magicians, but what we will do in this article is address methods of reducing your fat levels and enhancing you lean muscular mass percentages.

Before we move on, it’s important to set the record straight for those of you that might have been previously misinformed. You cannot directly alter the components of fat and turn them into muscle. They are two completely different substances and should always be viewed in that manner. What you can do however is to burn away excess fat stores and replace them with layers of lean muscular tissue. So how can you bring about these changes today?

Methods To Enhance Muscle Tissue Percentages
Consider The Foods Which You Consume:

This might sound simple and obvious to many of you but your main stable diet should come from a combination of lean protein sources and green leafy vegetables. Foods such as chicken, turkey and fish alongside salads and other green vegetables will get you off to a flying start. Nuts and other seeds are also beneficial.

Cut Out Those Calories:

Calorie consumption is often based on an individual’s own unique needs, however the bottom line is to lose weight you need to be burning more than you are consuming. Commence by restricting your calories and cut consumption by 25% initially. From here onwards increase or decrease calories accordingly dependant on your results.

Hit The Gym And Pump Some Iron:

Many individuals believe they can’t perform weights until they have lost all their additional weight. This is simply wrong. Weight training can assist you in burning calories and boosting metabolism just as cardiovascular training can. Concentrate on compound movements with high repetitions and relatively low rest intervals.

Don’t Forget The Cardio:

Although the above section commented on weight training, that’s not to say you can just forget about cardio activity. Mix and match your sessions so that you do your weights and cardio on separate days and this will ensure you keep your body guessing. This can be anything from a walk in the park to a cycle ride with friends.

Final Word

The above four hints for effectively turning fat into muscle can be summarized as those involving diet and those involving exercise, of which there are two of each. With regards to the former, initially ensure your diet is calorie restricted and based around a stable diet, whilst the latter makes reference to the performance of both weighted and cardiovascular exercise.

The task in hand is no easy one but the journey is satisfying and once achieved will set you up for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Why not make that positive change and start your journey today.