The importance of a healthy balanced diet is as, if not more, important than the actual exercise you undertake itself. Without the correct levels of protein within your daily diet, your muscular system will simply not repair or regenerate itself. Protein is the main building block from which we all exist and can be obtained from a variety of sources. Those that undertake regular weight lifting as part of their physical activity often opt for whey protein supplements as a means of monitoring the protein intake whilst limiting their carbohydrate intake.

Its all well and good drinking a protein shake when you’re on the go or as an alternative snack but sometimes it’s just good to enjoy a healthy cooked meal, packed full of the nutrition you require to fuel your body and power your workouts.

Seafood is a great alternative to your popular choices of chicken and beef and provides you with a complete source of protein, low in carbohydrates. It also offers you something that other sources of protein simply can’t, a healthy dose of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These fatty acids aren’t the same that you’d find in a greasy spoon roadside café! In fact these are essential for normal bodily functioning. This can include but is by no means limited to; enhanced metabolism, increased brain functioning, balanced cholesterol levels and reduced blood pressure.

It’s not just the so called oily fishes such as mackerel that provide healthy dosages Omega 3 essential fatty acids either. Other types of seafood such as salmon and tuna are also highly beneficial to you.

Additional Benefits Of Seafood Consumption

As well as the various health benefits of Omega 3 essential fatty acids highlighted above, there are numerous reported benefits surrounding these fish oils and the activity of weightlifting. These include reductions in the levels of inflammation surrounding the joints, reduced osteoporosis risks and elevated mood and energy levels. Although these fish oils are not directly impacting muscular strength and size, like a creatine supplement would for example, they offer an individual a great supportive role by creating optimal conditions, both mentally and physically for them to take to their training sessions.

By reducing joint inflammation and subsequent pain and improving bone health and psychological mood, it places the individual in a positive mindset, allowing them to hit the gym hard without having to concern themselves with anything other than achieving an awesome training session.

Final Word

When it comes to sources of protein and fuelling your workouts, seafood is often omitted or placed behind popular dishes including chicken and beef. The benefits you achieve with seafood, besides the high protein content and low carbohydrate levels, are the presence of these Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Although as stated, this does not directly impact on muscular strength and size, it does allow for creating optimal conditions, both mentally and physically, that will ultimately aid your workouts whilst at the same time invoke numerous health benefits.

So the next time you do your weekly shop, why not pick up some seafood as well and start to reap the benefits, both to your general health and specifically to your training.