We seem to live in a world where everything is dominated by time. From the alarm bell sounding in the morning and that mad dash to complete chores and get to work on time, followed by a hectic day in the office, before dashing home to try and squeeze in both family and a social life. Painting a familiar picture for anyone?

With many individuals trying to successfully manage this juggling act, it’s sometimes difficult to even get to the gym, let alone spend several hours completing your exercise regime. There are numerous methods to speed up your gym sessions without losing their effectiveness. For starters you can spend less time chatting and gossiping. You’d be surprised how much time this really does save!

The alternative option is to alter the method in which you perform exercises. Variations such as super setting really can help you blast your way through a session with maximal gains and minimal time spent. An alternative, which is often overlooked and omitted, is to enrol several exercises into a single movement. Working combination exercises really is a phenomenal way to train whilst at the same time providing your body with something fresh and different.

The main issue with this form of exercise is that it does require some creativity and forward thinking ways to amalgamate the required exercises into a combination move. Here at FitnessBeans we thought we give you a working example to throw into your next back workout. Hopefully, this will also enable those creative juices to start flowing. Without further ado, we introduce the deadlift and shrug combination.

Combination Exercises: Deadlifts And Shrugs

Deadlifts by themselves are an incredible compound exercise which recruits nearly every major muscle group in your body. Although often considered a lower limb exercise, deadlifts have the ability to further enhance both upper body and core stability. What more could you really ask for? Now imagine if at the top of this deadlift movement you moved into a shrug. Not only does this add a further dimension to the exercise and further recruit major muscles in your shoulder and upper back region, but it also enhances your time under tension. As a result your muscular endurance levels will be elevated.

So what’s required of you during this duel movement? To commence, load appropriately a barbell and place this at your feet. Bend down and grasp this with both hands, utilising an overhand grip position. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Maintaining your back in a neutral position, extend your hips and knees whilst driving the force through your heels. When you reach the top of your movement, bring both shoulders upwards in a controlled, shrugging motion before reversing the above movements. This is one repetition.

Exercise Video Demonstration
Final Word

So there you have the incredible deadlift and shrug combination movement. In a world where everything is governed by time, don’t allow your training sessions to suffer. All that’s left now is for you to think up a few more killer combinations of your own. Happy training!