When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, running seems the obvious choice that most individuals opt for. Although this suits many in that it requires little equipment, can be performed anywhere and doesn’t involve an expensive gym membership, there are other cardiovascular options available that can be just as rewarding. One of those alternative options is cycling.

Cycling is relatively underrated as both a sport and cardiovascular exercise and doesn’t appear to receive a great deal of publicity – even though it can produce some phenomenal health and fitness related benefits. This article aims to explore the potential within cycling.

Cardiovascular Alternatives: Cycling

Bear in mind that you don’t have to be Lance Armstrong to justify getting onto a bike. It might be that you want to achieve greater cardiovascular levels through exercise or you might just be looking to bring about a subtle change in your current lifestyle. Previous research has identified significant health enhancements over a monitored period of time between those that utilised a bike to commute to work against those that remained with their vehicles. This is just one example of how you can incorporate cycling into your daily routine.

Collective research has demonstrated the significant gains as a result of cycling to include the following: overall improved aerobic fitness levels, an enhanced cardiovascular system during sub maximal workouts and lowered heart rate and blood pressure to name but a few. Cholesterol levels are also reduced and significant alterations in body mass index recorded. Any of these health and fitness benefits sound appealing to you thus far?

Advantages Of Cycling

Before you make your final decision, there’s more! Listed below are just some of the reported advantages of cycling that you might not have previously known or considered:

  • If you only rely on your car for short journeys then a bike could be your ideal replacement. Obvious cost benefits make a bike much cheaper to run and will require much less repair and maintenance than that car of yours.
  • Cycling has the ability to take you away from your normal monotonous routines, whether on your own or with friends. It can be a very good social activity with local clubs offering group rides and various locations which surround you.
  • There’s no expensive gym fees attached to this activity. Obviously gyms have state of the art bikes and classes, but if you’re not going to use any of the other facilities then why not just purchase a bike and keeps your costs to a minimum.
  • Cycling can easily be incorporated into your daily lifestyle and made to work for you. Rather than viewing it as a separate activity that you need to schedule time for, why not use it as a means of getting to work or going to the local shops?
  • If you suffer from any medical condition, such as arthritis, then activities such as running will only exacerbate the situation. Cycling allows your whole body to be supported, making it more widely accessible for many individuals.
  • As previously mentioned, cycling can also result in fantastic health and fitness gains – including enhanced aerobic fitness levels, more efficient lung capacity, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and muscular development in your core and leg regions.
Final Word

Cycling really can be considered a holistic exercise method, producing numerous effects both physically, mentally and socially. Whether you’re looking for a hobby or an extreme workout, cycling fits the bill and can be manipulated accordingly to provide you with nearly all of your required health and fitness benefits.

So why not hang up your running shoes, or at least temporarily retired them and give cycling a go instead.