Do you love to attend the gym to workout your upper body but instantly lose motivation at the thought of a leg workout? Do you perform the standard squats, dead lifts and calf raises before running out of exercise ideas? If you can answer yes to these questions then read on because help is at hand.

Here at FitnessBeans we’ve thought a little outside the box so you don’t have to and come up with a selection of lower limb exercises utilising the cable machine. Not only will this enhance motivational levels by giving you some exercise alternatives, but it will pad out that poor excuse of a leg regime in no time at all. Selected are 3 exercises used to target the quads, hamstrings and glut regions respectively.

Furthermore, the beauty of incorporating the cable machine is that not only will it focus on your target muscles but it will develop and improve your core strength and balance also. It really is a win win situation. You might have seen individuals utilising these cable machines for their upper body, but very rarely for their leg workouts. So why not spice up your gym routine, keep yourself and your body guessing and see what the FitnessBeans team has in store for you;

Cable Step-up
How To Perform
  1. Initially you will require a platform which will be utilised throughout.
  2. Position the dual cable pulley to the lowest possible setting.
  3. Stand facing the elevated platform with your feet on the floor.
  4. Grasp the cable stirrups by your side in each hand. This is your start position.
  5. Place your left leg on the platform and step up, extending your limbs.
  6. At the top of your movement place the right foot on the platform.
  7. Step down by reversing the above process. This is one repetition.
  8. You can choose to work one leg at a time or alternate throughout.
Cable Step-Up Video

Reverse Cable Lunge
How To Perform
  1. Initially place the cable pulley in line with your mid section.
  2. For this exercise you can utilise a dual or single stirrup.
  3. Stand facing the cable machine.
  4. Grasp the stirrup(s) in your hands. This is your start position.
  5. Step back with one leg and allow the supporting leg to bend naturally.
  6. Lower your body until your knee almost touches the floor.
  7. Step back up by slowly reversing the above process. This is one repetition.
  8. Alternate legs until you reach your required number of repetitions on each side.
Reverse Cable Lunge Video

Cable Hip Extension
How To Perform
  1. Initially you will require a ankle attachment for this exercise
  2. Position the cable pulley to the lowest possible setting
  3. Stand facing the cable machine and secure the ankle attachment
  4. Take a step back with the unattached side and utilise the equipment for support
  5. Maintain the attached leg straight throughout with your foot just off the floor
  6. Extend at the hip causing the cable to move backwards for your full movement range
  7. Slowly reverse the above process. This is one repetition
  8. Complete the required number of repetitions before changing legs
Cable Hip Extension Video

Final Word

If you’re looking to spice up your monotonous workout then why not consider the cable machine and incorporate the above three exercise variations into your new workout.