The Biceps are a muscle group which really need no introduction. Situated on the front of your upper arm and directly opposing the Triceps muscle region, they are responsible for bringing about the movements of both elbow flexion and supination.

There are numerous ways to highlight and target the Biceps muscle region. This can be done through isolation exercises such as the dumbbells Biceps curl or involving the muscle region as part of a back compound exercise such as pull-ups. However you choose to work your arms, Biceps exercises are always popular within the gym environment and form a section of the so called beach muscles alongside the chest and abdominals region.

Despite your reasons for working out the Biceps region; whether it be to impress the opposite sex, enhance the strength and size of your upper arm region, to assist in a particular sport or activity or a combination of all the above, it’s important to select several exercises which will push you to your limits each and every time.

One problem with exercising the Biceps muscle group is that individuals quickly run out of new ideas and exercises, resulting in a stagnant routine week in, week out where the same old exercises are performed without variation.

In all honesty, Biceps exercises do generally lack variation and that is because their main role and responsibility is elbow flexion. You can’t continue to magic up new exercises all the time, so instead you have to add slight variation to the traditional movements.

The Cable Double Biceps Curl

This is exactly what the cable double Biceps curl does. Still involving elbow flexion and targeting the Biceps muscle region, this exercise brings variation to the table by simply altering your initial starting position and placing your arm region in an unfamiliar environment.

Let’s see what is required of you during this exercise;

How To Execute
  1. Select a cable machine ensuring both hand grips are positioned up high.
  2. Select the appropriate weight for your required repetitions.
  3. Grasp both cable attachments and take up the slack, moving into the centre.
  4. Allow your arms to be out to the sides and in a raised position.
    This is your starting position.
  5. From this position bring about movement by flexing at your elbows.
  6. Continue to flex until your forearms and Biceps region make contact.
  7. At this point start to slowly reverse the movement back to your starting position.
  8. This is one repetition. Continue until necessary repetitions are completed.
The Cable Double Biceps Curl Video

So there you have the cable double Biceps curl. Ensure that your core remains rigid throughout the movement and you don’t find yourself swaying backwards with each arm movement.

Further control the movement and enhance difficultly by performing the exercise on your knees rather than in a standing position.

Final Word

Although the cable double Biceps curl still involves elbow flexion to bring about movement and contraction of the Biceps muscle region, it also adds real variation simply through its starting position. Why not try this exercise with your next arm workout and start adding real variation into your workout routines once again.