In recent years, the number of individuals who are now members of a gym has risen dramatically. Many of these will attend on a regular basis to undertake some form of resistance training, with their end goals consisting of enhanced lean muscular mass, size and overall strength.

Developing muscular mass creates a positive cycle which you will continue to benefit from. Apart from the obvious change in physique and heightened confidence levels, internally your metabolism will be boosted as well as enhanced joint stabilisation. The only problem with weight training is that it can take time to reach a level where you are satisfied with your performance. For the impatient amongst you and those that want everything to happen yesterday, fear not, because here at FitnessBeans we’re going to let you in on a few tips and secrets which will assist you in building muscle in a hurry.

Remember we’re not magicians and this article isn’t the formula for a magic wand! At the end of the day, there’s not substitution for hard work and determination. With all this in mind let us consider our first words of wisdom:

Methods To Enhance Muscle Building
Early Morning Strength Sessions:

If you’re simply not a morning person or work and family commitments won’t allow you to get to the gym in the morning then there’s little you can do, for everyone else, there’s simply no excuse! Testosterone, considered a key muscle building hormone, reaches its peak mid morning and could be just the thing to boost your training.

Leave The Weight Machines Alone:

Although these machines take up the majority of the gym and may have served a purpose when you were starting out, it’s now time to steer clear of these and instead opt for free weight alternatives. Free weights require the stability and core muscles to be activated, bringing about a greater muscular recruitment than fixed machines.

Alter Your Training Style:

Performing the same exercises and repetitions week in week out might enable maintenance of a particular muscle group but if you want to continue to develop then you must incorporate changes. Consider super-setting your exercises or working to exhaustion on your last sets. Your muscles won’t know what has hit them!

Enjoy A Day Of Rest:

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to do nothing. This is especially true with weight training. Muscles will only grow and develop and enhance in strength and size during periods away from the gym. If you constantly visit the gym day in day out and week after week then your ability to recover diminishes and your risk of injury heightens.

Final Word

We told you there was no magic wand! Building muscle in a hurry is no easy thing, but if you are able to incorporate all or a selection of the above into your workouts then you are creating an optimal environment in which you can develop.

Why not make the necessary changes today so that you can reap the rewards tomorrow.