There is a common saying that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. The phrase itself isn’t too far from the truth. After waking up from a period of rest which normally ranges from anywhere between 6-8 hours, there is a real need to start fuelling your body. During sleep, your body is starved of any nutrients for probably the longest point during any day, so it’s vitally important that your first meal is a good one.

Without trying to disappoint you, unfortunately Kellogg’s Coco-Pops just won’t cut it anymore! They might have been the reason you bounced out of bed as a 10 year old and saw you through until break time at school, but if you’re looking to refuel your body maximally and give those muscles what they need, you might have to think a little harder than breakfast cereals!

Not only will a balanced, nutritious breakfast refuel your body, but previous research has also indicated that individuals whom consumed breakfast also enjoyed enhanced concentration and productivity levels, whilst at the same time increasing their weight management ability compared to those that skipped breakfast.

So what should your breakfast consist of? Yes, you probably guessed it; protein. If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times before but protein is the building block from which all life forms exist. In order to prevent catabolism and enhance muscular strength and size, protein is required. So what can you consume in the morning that will meet these requirements? Here at FitnessBeans we’ve decided to list a few breakfast options so you know exactly what to eat upon waking in the morning;

Breakfast Options To Boost Your Physique

This first option really is a given. Although many of you will not necessarily feel like consuming surf n turf upon waking, consider your options and find something you like and can stomach. This could be turkey steaks or salmon served alongside a piece of whole meal toast or within a wrap.


These can be served independently or alongside a portion of meat and are a great source of natural protein. Not only this, but if you’re looking for variation then why not try opting for scrambled or poached eggs or only consuming the egg whites for a low fat, high protein alternative.


Effective dairy products can range from milk and natural yoghurt to cottage cheese variations. A further option for those of you that consume whey protein is to mix in this supplement with one of the above to further enhance protein levels and variation to your breakfast options.


Although higher in fats than most of the other options listed above, these fats are considered healthy and essential in controlled amounts and again can provide you with that high protein kick you’re looking for. Options include the addition of nuts to yoghurt or in the form of a spread of toast.

Final Word

Breakfast really is one of, if not, the most important meals of the day. Although you might not feel up to some of the options listed above, there’s plenty of choice there to meet the taste buds of each and every one of you.

Although we’ve highlighted the importance of protein, don’t forget that a balanced breakfast should also include a healthy source of carbohydrates to give you that required energy boost. With all this in mind, why not kick start your day the right way.