With the recent success in the ring of Carl Froch and the soon to be showdown involving Amir Khan, it appears British boxing is enjoying a period of rejuvenation and once again making the headlines for all of the right reasons.

Although boxing is a viewed by many as a brutal sport and isn’t everyone’s chosen activity, there’s no denying that boxing itself is one of the most demanding sports on the planet and has produced some of the fittest and finest athletes in the world. The sport itself not only requires a high level of physical fitness but also calls on an individual’s speed, balance, agility, power, strength and endurance. It really is the ultimate sport.

If you’ve always admired the methods of training undertaken by boxers but getting in a ring and being beaten up round after round doesn’t appeal to you, or are simply looking to switch up your current training with a few alternatives to shock your body, then this article could be just the thing to inspire you.

Here at FitnessBeans, we’ve taken three commonly utilised boxing related exercises which you can apply to your current gym regime or home based exercise. So even if you don’t feel like stepping into the ring, you are still able to reap the rewards of boxing training.

Boxing Related Exercises

This exercise might take you back to your school days but burpees really do assist in developing full body muscular endurance like none other. You are required to quickly move from a standing position into a push up before quickly transferring your weight into an upward explosive leap. Not only will you develop endurance and explosive power, but your core stabilising muscles will also be heightened as a result.

Burpees Exercise Video

Elasticated Band Punching

You can’t undertake boxing training without throwing a punch or two! Fortunately, no one will be throwing them back at you. Simply by using an elastic exercise band, you can quickly develop endurance and strength in the target muscles required for punching. To perform, anchor the band behind you, holding part of the band in each hand and perform alternate punching actions. Consider altering the band tension levels to meet your demands.

Elasticated Band Punching Exercise Video

Plyometric Clap Push-Ups

Push-ups may seem relatively straight forward, but when you start to introduce a bounding, plyometric element, the exercise takes on a whole new dynamic. This is utilised to again enhance punching speed and strength in an explosive manner. To perform, adopt a normal press up position initially but during the upward phase, leave the floor and add a clap before again landing. This is definitely not one for the faint hearted!

Plyometric Clap Push-Ups Exercise Video

Final Word

Listed above are three boxing related exercises which can be introduced to your gym or home exercise workout. This is by no means an exclusive list. Further exercises utilised by boxers include skipping to enhance aerobic endurance, coordination and speed and sit-ups to develop a strong core from which you are able to both sustain punches and use as a foundation to initiate a punch. Why not introduce these methods into your training today.