Although not the primary goal for everyone attending the gym, many individuals involved in regular training are looking to enhance strength levels in every given target muscle. With this in mind, here at FitnessBeans we thought we’d provide you with 5 simple, yet effective ways to enhance your strength levels within the gym.

Without further ado, let’s consider the first of five in a little more detail:

Enhance Your Strength Levels
Warm Up:

How are you supposed to lift big weights when your target muscles are still cold? Going straight to the heavy weights really is ineffective and is probably severely limiting your repetition maximums. Think about your body on its first repetition and then compare that to a couple of sets in; which feels more comfortable? Utilise the cardiovascular equipment and ensure several sets are performed at lighter weights before you really start adding the weight.

Get Yourself A Water Bottle:

If you can afford the expensive gym membership then you can afford a water bottle! Making trips back and forth to the water fountain is ineffective and adds unnecessary time to your rest periods and workout. Ensure you have a water bottle by your side and consume before, during and after. Muscle mass has a 70% water consistency, so ensuring your target muscles remain hydrated and ready to go really is a priority.

Don’t Forget Your Supplements:

Two key supplements for enhancing muscle mass and strength are protein and creatine respectively. Protein is the building block from which all life forms exist and ensures your muscles always fully recover and grow. Creatine, working alongside your energy system, delays the onset of muscular fatigue and will allow you to work that little bit harder for that little bit longer. It could just be all you need to achieve more.

Keep Carbohydrates In Your Diet:

All too often, we hear individuals talking about living on zero carbohydrates as a means of getting lean. This is all well and good, but if you’re looking to develop real strength then carbohydrates have to feature. Keep the sources healthy and rely upon slow digesting foods such as sweet potato, brown rice and wholegrain pasta to name but a few. Without this supply, you will quickly notice a decline in performance levels.

Utilise Gym Accessories:

Developing real strength relies on lifting real weights. Sometimes you need a little helping hand. Key gym accessories such as weight lifting straps will give you this edge. Often it is your grip strength and not the actual target muscle that fails you. Straps will allow you to bypass this problem and achieve greater repetitions or enhanced resistance. You still have to lift the weight so don’t see straps as a sign of weakness or cheating.

Final Word

This article has attempted to give you 5 simple yet effective ways to develop real strength in any given target muscle. If strength is an attribute you’re looking to develop then why not try implementing these straight away. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the enhancements.